Content Marketing: Reaching the Public Sector with Webinars

The 2021 Content Marketing Review: Reaching the Public Sector confirms what we all knew: over the past 18 months, the public sector is spending more time with webinars than other types of content. Over one-third of public sector IT decision makers are spending more time with webinars than ever before. This is no surprise during a time of pandemic, but are webinars here to stay, or will there be a resulting burnout?

Are Webinars the New Normal?

On average about two-thirds of those in the public sector believe that webinars have become a new normal and that they will continue to attend them frequently. Once the opportunity arises to meet in person, however, significantly more education techies say they would still prefer webinars to in-person meetings.

How can you ensure your target audiences will find your webinars valuable and worthy of attendance? By ensuring that the webinar content meets their needs and expectations.

Data/Research Is Key

It’s no surprise, time of day and cost are among the top factors on whether federal, state & local, and education audiences say they would attend events. These same audiences consider research and data presented as another important factor in their decision on whether or not to attend a webinar.

Data/research is also a top content feature all three audiences (federal, state & local, and education) want when it comes to webinars. When asked about this content format (to inform and educate them during the buying process), an average of one-third of respondents note data/research as a key feature they’re looking for.

See what other features public sector audiences want in webinars and other content types.

Webinars Are Key to Your Public Sector Marketing Strategy

Public sector marketers need to make sure they are incorporating webinars as part of their content marketing strategy for engaging their audiences. Webinars are among the most effective channels to educate the customer and they are not going away even when live events restart in earnest. Beyond the content, webinars can also accelerate your sales cycle – something every sales and marketing team strives for!

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