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Army AI Task Force

By Jonathan Sanders, Director, Research, GovExec

On 02/01/23, the US Army released its long anticipated solicitation for AI/ML development processes and technologies, and pathfinder processes to identify militarily relevant technologies. 

As noted by initial pre-solicitation in August 2022, the overall objective of this effort is to develop concepts that incorporate visualization, include coalition interconnectivity, allow for the ability to obtain data from all information sources, to include Unattended Ground Sensors, improve situational awareness, and decrease the current analyst workload.In particular, this effort will support contested/dense urban environment operations to include subterranean environments.

In order to advance its AI/ML capabilities, the Army has established a number of programs and initiatives that focus on the development and integration of these technologies into its operations. One such program is the Army AI Task Force, responsible for overseeing the Army’s AI/ML development efforts and providing guidance on the integration of these technologies into the force. 

The task force works closely with other military organizations, government agencies, and industry partners to ensure that the Army is at the forefront of AI/ML research and development.

Through the power of GovTribe, we are able to glean some of the likely bidders. The likely bidders tool is a powerful machine learning algorithm combining industry attendees and question & answer lists with those that have past performance similar to this type of work, of which include: 

  • Discovery Machine Inc.
  • Wallaroo Labs Inc.
  • Scale Ai, Inc.
  • Mile Two LLC
  • Prescient Edge Corporation
  • Oncospace Inc. 
  • Systems & Technology Research LLC
  • Objectsecurity LLC
  • Cerebras Systems Inc. 
  • DS2 LLC 
  • And Others 

In addition to the above, there have been many small businesses that have received small business funding from the Army Contracting Command in the last year in the same parents NAICs as the current solicitation, of which include:

  • Colsa Corporation
  • Torch Technologies Inc.
  • Galley Power
  • Mid-Michigan Research LLC
  • 3Dflexible Inc.
  • Cornerstone Research Group Inc.
  • Precision Combustion Inc
  • Autonomous Solutions Inc.
  • Kestrel Rechnology LLC
  • Molyworks Materials Corporation
  • Among others 

These ongoing solicitation efforts will ensure that the Army has the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use and integrate Al/ML technologies into its operations for years to come. 

The due date for the current solicitation is 03/08/23.

What this means for you

Overall, the Army’s continued efforts in AI/ML demonstrate its commitment to staying ahead of the curve in modern warfare, and they need your team’s help to do so. 

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