(How Thought Leadership Impacts B2B Demand Generation from Edelman)


We are firm believers in the power of well-done thought leadership. Our clients who do these projects share the ROI, and it is substantial — from becoming known as the industry experts in one area (SolarWinds) to increasing sales (Iron Mountain), thought leadership has a real, measurable impact.

That’s why we were thrilled to see the results from an Edleman and LinkedIn study. We know thought leadership is effective and our own studies show that decision makers value it. This study of 1,300 business decision makers went deeper to uncover additional insights, including:

  • Thought leadership can directly lead to inclusion in RFP opportunities. In the study, 41% of C-suite executives and 37% of business decision makers said that after engaging in high quality thought leadership, they invited an organization to bid.
  • Thought leadership increases trust. People buy from people they trust and 80% of business decision makers said thought leadership has increased trust in a vendor organization.

However, these things only hold true when thought leadership is well executed. When poorly done, it actually harms perceptions and has a negative impact — one third of the respondents said they had removed a company from an opportunity list after engaging with poor thought leadership. What is quality thought leadership according to these respondents?

  • It delivers facts and insights about emerging trends.
  • It contains supporting data (in charts and graphics).
  • It contains analysis of underlying issues and events.

The study contains a wealth of useful information and insights, and we encourage you to look at the full study results. Hopefully they will inspire you to incorporate more thought leadership into your content marketing plan.

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