Holding on to Customers in a Bad Economy

customer-hold-on2.jpgcustomer-hold-on2.jpgcustomer-hold-on2.jpgIt’s safe to assume that, as the economy declines, customer loyalty is also declining.  The pressures of a severe economic downturn may force some customers to place more importance on price than brand status or long-term relationships.  These concerns can also trigger big shifts in customers’ needs, priorities, decision-making processes, and buying behaviors.  

As a result, it’s highly likely that many organizations’ customer status assumptions from even just six months ago are wrong.  That’s why market leaders are now developing new strategies to maximize satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

Customer satisfaction surveys play such a critical role in maintaining loyalty in challenging times such as these.  A customer satisfaction survey can help answer all kinds of questions such as:

Which of our customers are truly loyal, generally satisfied, on the fence, or unhappy?  Equally important, why? How can we enhance the good and eliminate the not-so-good in our performance? 


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