What if enterprises had a standard for measuring the spectrum of mobile risk that provided visibility into the prevalence of threats, software vulnerabilities, and behaviors & configurations? Well, now they do. In May, Lookout unveiled the Mobile Risk Matrix, a framework illustrating the array of mobile risks across app, device, network, and web & content vectors, to help enterprises accurately identify, assess, and secure their mobile workforce. Within the framework, Lookout provides new insights on the prevalence of enterprise mobile risks pulled from the Lookout Security Cloud, a massive data set of mobile code from existing enterprise and personal customers.

The growing adoption of mobile in the enterprise has allowed for increased flexibility and productivity. However, it also brings a new set of risks to desktop-level security specific to this evolving endpoint. Lookout designed the spectrum of mobile risk to help enterprise CISOs understand and prioritize the security concerns they must address on mobile devices.

As companies across the globe continue adopting mobile to increase productivity, Lookout is constantly innovating to provide customers with the most comprehensive security solution available. With the release of this framework, Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security customers are able to:

  • Understand application interactions with social media.
  • Gain insight into secure and insecure data handling.
  • Increase visibility into out-of-date OS and configuration risks.
  • Enhance risk remediation capabilities via integrations with enterprise solutions.

For continuing to address risk in an evolving arena, Lookout has earned a Market Connections Top Innovator commendation.

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