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Technology Trends:

Shadow IT, Mobile, Shared Services

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Technology Trends:


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Take Control of your Agency’s IT

To find more efficient ways to deliver IT services, many federal program offices are looking beyond what their internal IT department provides through Shadow IT and mobile technology. At the same time, IT departments are streamlining resources by using IT shared services. While each offers benefits, such as faster development times, easier access, and increased efficiency, adopting these technology trends presents challenges to agency IT departments.

IT professionals feel they have less control over how technology is being used due to Shadow IT and mobile technology use. It make them less confident in the security of the agency’s data and ability of their network to run efficiently. SolarWinds commissioned Market Connections to learn to what extent these technologies are being used at federal agencies and the resulting challenges faced by their IT departments.

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Technology Trends:
Shadow IT, Mobile, Shared Services


  • Federal IT professionals’ top tools and practices to protect against Shadow IT
  • Top perceived benefits of the use of shared services among federal IT professionals
  • How management and monitoring tools can help boost confidence to control Shadow IT and mobile technology threats