WEBINAR: Does Thought Leadership Still Matter to Government Audiences?

Does Thought Leadership Still Matter to Government Audiences?

Date: Thursday, July 25
Time: 2-3:00 PM EDT
Cost: Free

Trends around marketing activities often come and go in waves. Many B2G marketers keep their eyes to the horizon for the “next shiny thing,” or trend to follow, in an attempt to stay in front of their government customers and ahead of the curve with their competitors. Where does thought leadership fall? Is this a trend or a mainstay? Are government buyers still looking to industry to help them navigate through the ins and outs of IT products, services and emerging technologies? If so, where are they looking, who are they listening to, and what should be included?

Join Market Connections and Merritt Group as we explore the relevancy of thought leadership in the federal market and where your resources should be focused for the best return on investment.


  • Aaron Heffron – President, Market Connections
  • Matt Donovan – Senior Vice President, Merritt Group

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