WEBINAR: Reaching Your Target Audience Through Events: Best Practices for Federal Marketers

Date: Thursday, April 25, 2019
Time: 2-3:00 PM (EDT)

Events are an essential part of every federal marketer’s strategy and oftentimes also take the largest portion of their budgets. However, even with so many event opportunities, reaching federal audiences in a meaningful way is proving to be more difficult. Where should marketers place their focus and dollars? What factors drive audience attendance? What types of events do feds prefer, and what do they hope to get out them?

To help answer these questions, Market Connections recently conducted a PulsePoll™ of federal IT decision makers to understand the type of events they attend and what drives that attendance. In addition, together with Government Marketing University, Market Connections also facilitated a roundtable of seasoned federal marketers to learn more about the challenges they face every day when deciding on attending, sponsoring, or hosting events targeting the federal audience.

Join Market Connections and Government Marketing University for this complimentary webinar as we bring together the feedback from federal IT decision makers with insights heard from the marketers who are trying to reach them.


  • Aaron Heffron – President, Market Connections
  • Lou Anne Brossman – Founder & CEO, Government Marketing University

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Mari Canizales Coache
Marketing Manager
Market Connections, Inc.


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