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Is Email Marketing Dead?

May 31, 2017

Not if you’re selling to the federal government. The 2017 Federal Content Market Review asked federal decision makers what content delivery channels are most effective. Almost three quarters said email (just behind corporate websites and search engines). When we talk to our customers about their marketing strategies, they’re often reluctant to do an email campaign because they don’t want to annoy their list. The data shows, and experts agree, if the campaign provides information that will help your customers, then it won’t annoy them. How do you do that? We found this great A to Z guide to email marketing from SendGrid. On ... Read more

Capture Research Helps You Win With Actionable Insights

May 25, 2017

To increase win rates and retain existing customers, contractors need know when and how to engage effectively with government customers and prospects throughout the lifecycle of the acquisition and the contract. This infographic illustrates how New Pursuit and Capture Research aligns with the Shipley Associates business development lifecycle, a model that has helped organizations gain competitive advantage for more than 40 years. Specifically, for the capture process, a needs and requirements study can help you fully understand the new contract requirements, as well as who the incumbents, competitors, and potential partners are. In-depth interviews with the source selection committee and other decision-makers ... Read more

QA: Dante Ricci, SAP, on Best Practices in Thought Leadership

May 23, 2017

Among the research reports, case studies, and other content buyers use to make decisions, thought leadership continues to be an important tactic for building trust with prospects — both within the government and the private sector. How do the industry leaders stand out? During the Federal Content Marketing Review panel discussion, Dante Ricci, Global Public Services Marketing & Communications lead at SAP, said it is important to focus on quality over quantity of content. We recently sat down with Dante to expand on that comment and talk about how he approaches thought leadership. MC: You said it’s important to focus on ... Read more

Marketing After Hours

May 18, 2017

Anyone marketing to the federal government knows the challenges many prospects face with accessing content. In fact, working around blocked websites and other technical challenges is a factor in creating a content strategy. Those barriers don’t mean you can’t reach federal decision makers via new channels. Like most people, federal decision makers also own personal mobile devices, and they use those devices to engage with work-related content. According to the 2017 Federal Marketing Content Review study, three quarters of federal decision makers are doing that during their commute. Think about it: during that time when they are transitioning between personal and work ... Read more

Top Innovator: Start Up Rubrik is Taking the Data Backup Industry by Storm

May 16, 2017

Rubrik is a start up; an extremely successful start up. The company makes data backup and recovery software, and is competing with industry giants like EMC and Veritas. According to the article “$100M Startup Winning In $50B Industry At Expense Of EMC And Veritas?” in Forbes, the Palo Alto-based company is growing so fast that in the six quarters since it began selling its product, its private market value has soared to $1.3 billion. The company is doing this by wining customers from enormous incumbents in a $50 billion market. Read the full Forbes article for the author’s take on why huge ... Read more

What Content Should You Create?

May 11, 2017

What type of content should you focus your attention on creating? The 2017 Federal Content Marketing Review asked federal decision makers what content they found most valuable at different stages of the buying process. Regardless of where in the process stage, research reports, case studies, white papers, and product demos are in the top 5. Are you creating these content types? We’d love to hear how they’re working for you. We’re also curious if you repurpose your content to match the buying stage. Read more

Best Practices: Take a Play Out of the Government’s Digital Playbook

May 9, 2017

We love using data to inform content strategy. The 2017 Federal Content Marketing Review data provided interesting insights into where federal decision makers go for content and what they want to see. We recently spoke with a decision maker inside the government (who requested we not identify him) about his thoughts and perspectives. While this is only one perspective, it does shed some insight into what federal decision makers are looking for in the content. “If I have a problem, the first thing I will do is an internet search to find information,” he said. This aligns with the study, which showed ... Read more

Is Your Content Being Seen?

May 4, 2017

Last week, Market Connections and Merritt Group released the results of the 2017 Federal Content Marketing Study. Along with the results presentation, a panel of content marketing experts shared their thoughts about what the study showed. The FCMR panelists were: Dan Horowitz from LinkedIn, Dante Ricci from SAP, Pamela Merritt from Accenture and Jessica Outer from IBM. Here are a few key takeaways from the panel. To sum up: study your data. Key Takeaways from the panel: The panelists agreed that what people say they do is not always aligned with what do. There are many reasons, but two possible scenarios are: It may ... Read more

How do you Manage Multi-Generational Teams?

May 2, 2017

The federal government is not the only workplace experiencing the challenges of managing multi-generational teams. In fact, our clients are asking us if we have any insights more frequently. These questions led us to a friend who specializes in consulting with companies on exactly that, Anne Loehr of Anne Loehr & Associates. Anne writes on the topic in her column “Dear Generational Guru,” and we found one blog in particular that seems to cover what our clients are asking about: Dear Generational Guru: The Frustrated Team Manager. The article discusses some of the qualities each generation brings to the table, and ... Read more

The Elements of a Successful Website

April 27, 2017

For those who spend their days refreshing content on the corporate website, those efforts are well worth it. The 2017 Federal Content Market Study shows 82% of federal decision makers say corporate websites are an effective channel for delivering important content related to purchasing decisions. That number is up from 60% in2015 when decision makers made that determination. Perhaps this is because more contractors are making sure their sites contain valuable information. Does your company website deliver what federal decision makers are looking for? What are the important elements of a successful corporate website? We found a great article in Washington ... Read more


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