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What do you think about Open Source?

September 29, 2010

Government employees and contractors, tell us what you think about Open Source Software (OSS) use! Share your candid insights on use of Open Source Software within both the federal government and industry. In this short 5-7 minute survey you will contribute to groundbreaking research to benchmark the benefits and challenges of using Open Source. Read more

Fall Research Can Drive 2011 Success Strategies

September 20, 2010

With fall upon us, many organizations are already starting the 2011 budgeting and planning process. Given continued economic struggles, proposed budget cuts in Department of Defense, and the Administration’s plans to outsource less, a lot of government contractors will yet again face tight budgets and sales challenges. As you look for ways to close more business in today’s fast-changing markets, it can be dangerous to rely on assumptions, gut instinct and old data. Only current and carefully analyzed research will arm you with the insights critical to developing a successful strategic plan. ... Read more

Healthcare Reform: The Push for Electronic Health Records

September 8, 2010

Research will ensure usability and adoption of electronic record systems If the government is budgeting to spend millions to implement widespread use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for facilitation and accuracy of patient information, it is essential to first assess how physicians need to access and use the information. It would be a shame to put invaluable information at practitioners’ fingertips, yet see accuracy decline because users are overwhelmed by the volume or organization of the data.  Research could identify desired search techniques and formatting capabilities that will enable physicians of all practice areas to efficiently pinpoint relevant medical history. In an ... Read more

Only Bad Surveys Suck

September 8, 2010

7 Tips to minimize burnout when gathering the info you need Yesterday our friend Steve Ressler at GovLoop sent a survey request to users entitled, “Surveys Suck…But Not This One!” While we understand that taking time out of your day to take a survey may not top your list, think of all the useful information surveys provide, like how other agencies are using social media, top economic concerns of citizens, and the public’s opinion of how the government is handling current issues. We can’t resist sharing with you some tactics to ensure your next survey gathers data you can use without annoying your ... Read more

Trends and Predictions Driving the Government Market

August 23, 2010

Nick Wakeman, editor of Washington Technology Magazine, last week posted his list of 13 trends and predictions driving the government contracting market. He sees smaller growth; fewer big, new opportunities; increased competition; and higher pressure on profitability, among other things. Wakeman recommends contractors pay attention to what the top 100 contractors in the market are doing, because their moves indicate growth and development in the government market. He asserts that national security will continue to be a “dominant priority for the federal government,” while cyberattacks also remain a “major threat.” Wakeman also predicts that contractors will see new opportunities emerging in support of a new energy reform bill–as soon ... Read more

Power IT Down Day

August 23, 2010

Join us in supporting the 3rd annual Power IT Down Day, sponsored by Citrix, Intel, HP and GTSI, and join the community of government and industry IT users that are going green. All you have to do is pledge to turn off your computers and peripherals at the end of the day on Friday, August 27, 2010. Please take a moment now to visit the Power IT Down website,, and sign up. Each person who does will save approximately 13 kilowatt hours in a single evening and 55 kilowatt hours over the weekend. And, to illustrate how we can all put ... Read more

Social Media Study Identifies Contractors’ Favorite Tools: Part two of our three-part series on social media in the federal market

August 6, 2010

Part two of our three-part series on social media in the federal market Read more

Big Brother is Blogging: Survey Reveals Federal Adoption of Social Media

August 4, 2010

We want to thank Andy Rudin, who originally wrote this blog post and posted it on the blog, Customer Think. Check out Andy’s blog, The Contrary Domino, for more insights on sales and best practices. The administration is still wiping egg off its face after the social-media fueled Shirley Sherrod debacle. Bureaucrats demonstrated they’re human—whipped into a frenzy by unsubstantiated information to achieve a malevolent goal. But despite the government’s textbook missteps, there is growing sophistication in the government about social media, and more agencies are adopting the tools—something many Federal employees might ... Read more

New Study Explores Social Media in Federal Market

August 3, 2010

Market Connections recently conducted a quantitative online study on the perceptions and use of social media in the federal market. The 2010 Federal Community Social Media Study combines the findings of two surveys – one targeting federal employees and one targeting federal contractors. In upcoming issues of Research IT, we’ll highlight some of the fascinating results, including tools, policies, and reporting structures that contractors are adopting to effectively embrace social media. In fact, contractors are significantly increasing their use of social media as a means of connecting with targeted prospects in the federal government, with 55% of respondents using ... Read more

Cost-Effective Focus Group Venue: Conferences

August 2, 2010

From New York and Rome to Manila and Cape Town, Market Connections has conducted many focus groups on-site at user and association member conferences to help clients explore new product or service concepts, potential marketing strategies, organizational priorities, and more. Indeed, conferences often represent a highly cost effective opportunity for conducting focus groups when companies are in need of qualitative insights from a geographically dispersed target audience. With prospects and customers convened in a central location, conducting research at such conferences reduces normal recruitment, facility rental, and transportation costs typically associated with a focus group program. However, to keep costs down ... Read more


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