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A Holistic Approach to Market Research

April 3, 2008

How often do representatives from your organization’s key business functions convene to talk about what they do and don’t know about the market, customers, key prospects, competitors, product or service performance, and other critical business issues? Market research projects create a reason,?? a platform,?? for doing just that. The most successful clients we’ve worked with pull in a cross-section of company representatives from the outset of the project. And, frankly, it’s sometimes astounding to witness how unconnected the dots are around some very key issues. One research project can’t address every data gap in an organization, but it can deliver insights that ... Read more

You’re Invited to the GMF Upcoming Event

March 26, 2008

Don’t miss the Government Marketing Forum’s upcoming panel: “Successful Marketing ,? Resonating with the Government Buyer.” Tuesday, April 8, 2008 Tower Club, Vienna, VA 4:30pm – 7:30pm Lisa Dezzutti will lead the panel where you’ll hear directly from government IT decision-makers including: Linda Cureton, CIO, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Jonathan Alboum, Deputy CIO, Department of Agriculture Ed Meagher, Deputy CIO, Department of Interior For more details and to register visit: Read more

Putting Federal Research Briefs to Work

March 20, 2008

Are you in charge of business development at an IT-related company?  If you answered yes, you don’t want to miss our 2 new research briefs (available for each of 11 different federal agencies).  One reports on most-valued vendor attributes, and the other reveals the most popular sources of IT information.  Here are just a few of the ways our briefs can help to improve your relevance and effectiveness with specific targeted agencies: Prepare BD and sales staffs Align with the right partners Segment messaging by agency Prioritize media outlets Improve show decisions Prepare BD and sales staffs: Business development and sales staffs should use the reports as a training ... Read more

Questions to Ask Before Pursuing Research

March 13, 2008

If you think you’re in need of some more current business intelligence, you’re probably right.  But, market research = a serious commitment.  So, before heading down that path, ask yourself these questions to ensure you’ll get a reasonable ROI.  Is a decent amount of the required information already available?  You may discover that some of the information you need is already accessible for a fraction of the cost of conducting primary research. So make sure to explore secondary sources such as trade pubs, internal customer databases, government documents, syndicated studies, and so forth. From there, you can assess if primary research ... Read more

Can you afford NOT to budget for market research?

March 3, 2008

Just because you can’t afford to spend what you should on market research doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do any at all. Amidst the inherent chaos known as the annual budgeting process, make sure to give very careful consideration to areas in which your organization will need new or deeper market intelligence to effectively deliver on objectives and spend those budgets wisely. Of course, the trick is balancing the need for market research with the pressure to do more,?? and to do it faster and with less.  What’s our advice for overcoming that dilemma?  Push back.  Take a stand.  Show how the ... Read more

We’ve moved!

February 29, 2008

We are excited to announce our recent move to new offices!  The move allows us to take advantage of updated facilities and accommodate our expanding team and client base.  We’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who has helped contribute to our growth. Please stop by and visit us anytime in our new offices at 14555 Avion Parkway, Suite 125 in Chantilly Virginia. Read more

Coming soon… Comprehensive Federal Study

February 25, 2008

 This March, we will be fielding the first independent syndicated federal market study of its kind.  In addition to very detailed preference data on traditional and web-based information sources, the study will measure federal employees’ purchasing behaviors across a wide variety of products and services, including IT, defense, telecom, aviation, logistics, HR, finance, and travel. The goal of this study is to measure the media habits of federal government employees along with their purchasing habits. Click here to review the study prospectus for more details. We think you and your organization will find the results of this survey to be very ... Read more

When NOT to Go With Your Gut

February 21, 2008

Tailored targeting based on gut feelings and assumptions is all too common and, unfortunately, typically fails. You don’t have to be a marketing expert to know the more that you personalize your approach to your prospect, the more they’ll prefer your brand. And, what does that equal? More sales. Companies that truly succeed at market segmentation use strategies built on facts — facts derived from solid segmentation studies. These studies explore many different variables to provide a host of insights including: the most promising segments on which you should focus your efforts the characteristics of those segments their buying and usage behaviors ... Read more

The early bird gets the… discount

February 20, 2008

If you are a federal contractor, you won’t want to miss the upcoming issue of Research IT, our monthly e-newsletter, releasing on Thursday, February 21st.  We’ll be announcing our new one-of-a-kind syndicated federal media and buying habits study.  The insights from this independent, reliable and affordable report can help you perfect your strategic marketing campaigns.  The e-newsletter will also contain details about how you can lock in an early-bird discount of $525 off the purchase price! To subscribe to our e-newsletter, click here. Read more

Do you have the insights?

February 15, 2008

We’re not ones to brag, but when it comes to federal agency decision makers, we’ve got the insights.   How do we know what these folks are thinking?  Well, we’ve interviewed them annually for the past 4 years.  Lucky for you, we’ve consolidated our key findings  into two different briefs for each of 11 different federal agencies,?? one that reports on most-valued vendor attributes, and another that reports on the most popular sources of IT information. These affordable briefs offer contractors fact-based intelligence and insights for effectively marketing to the agencies of specific interest to them.  Not to mention,  you’ll save a cool 15% ... Read more


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