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Complex Research Requires Expert Management

May 21, 2008

Often times, organizations that have conducted fairly straightforward research projects, such as a stand-alone focus group or a market awareness survey of a single target audience, are caught off guard by the many intricacies and potential pitfalls of larger, more complex studies.   Unquestionably, research projects of a larger scope require more people, more time, and more funding.  And, above all, they require skilled and dedicated project managers on both the client side and at the research firm. You’ll know you’re embarking on a more complex research program if it entails one or more of these characteristics: – Multiple market segments, such as ... Read more

Highly Significant Findings Can Still Be Unimportant

May 15, 2008

You’ve likely heard researchers use the term “statistical significance” when talking about market study findings.  Unfortunately, the term is not always clearly defined, and some clients are inadvertently mislead.  While “significant” in normal conversation means “important”, in the world of statistics it means “probably true” rather than due to chance.  It conveys how likely it is that a relationship between two data points under study really exists.  Additionally, the higher the level of significance, the more likely it is that the statistic is reliable.  Equally notable, when researching a large sample size, very small differences will surface as significant.  However, just because ... Read more

Research Drives Effective Contract Sales and Marketing

May 9, 2008

A multi-award contract comes with no specific promise of business. So winners have to continually refine their strategies in order to maximize their wins and income from the contract.  As such, marketing within a contract becomes just as important as the original sales pitch. Building the specific sales and marketing savvy needed to maximize contract income requires an explicit understanding of the perceptions and needs of those who have the ability to purchase off the contract.  To that end, many government contractors turn to market research to help answer questions critical to contract success, including: How aware are potential buyers of both ... Read more

Thank you to GMF Attendees

May 1, 2008

Thank you to everyone who attended the April 8th Government Marketing Forum event; and a special thanks to all of you who offered feedback through our post-event online evaluation.  I am sure you will agree that our distinguished panelists offered great insight into Successful Marketing: Resonating with the Government Buyer. It was an engaging discussion filled with humorous anecdotes about what works and what doesn’t when marketing to the government.  The room was packed before and after the program, with a great buzz of networking, which I know I found quite beneficial. This is not the end,?? only a start to ... Read more

Six Questions for Driving Success

April 14, 2008

Your organization can increase its chances of growth and success in government markets by answering six key questions.  In some cases, conducting market research will enable you to answer them much more accurately and thoroughly.  Who will influence the purchase of my product or service? Why will they buy my product? Where will they buy my product or service? When do they buy? How satisfied are they after they buy? What will they buy next year?  Who will influence the purchase of my product or service? Government contractors commonly need to target multiple titles and functions in their selling process, as the purchase decision doesn’t often sit with ... Read more

Even Savvy Pros Need Research Advice

April 14, 2008

Even some of the most seasoned and savvy business professionals haven’t had the opportunity in their careers to drive or even be involved in primary research programs.  That’s certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.  In fact, in many cases, these professionals are inexperienced with research because they’ve worked in organizations where the most senior members of management aren’t accustomed to making research investments and, therefore, don’t understand or appreciate the potential return.  But, as markets get increasingly competitive and complex, research can no longer be viewed as a luxury.  Indeed, many of these executives and organizations are in dire need of ... Read more

Panels Grow in Popularity

April 10, 2008

As it becomes more and more difficult to generate acceptable participation rates with online surveys and focus groups, panels are gaining widespread popularity. Online panels are pre-screened and selected communities of people that have applied to take surveys on an ongoing basis in return for some form of compensation. Many large companies, such as Microsoft and Disney, build and maintain their own custom online panels of pre-qualified research participants. Other companies and private research firms turn to vendors that market online panels. Some offer access to consumer panels, while others offer B2B panels for targeting professionals, including CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, managers, ... Read more

A Holistic Approach to Market Research

April 3, 2008

How often do representatives from your organization’s key business functions convene to talk about what they do and don’t know about the market, customers, key prospects, competitors, product or service performance, and other critical business issues? Market research projects create a reason,?? a platform,?? for doing just that. The most successful clients we’ve worked with pull in a cross-section of company representatives from the outset of the project. And, frankly, it’s sometimes astounding to witness how unconnected the dots are around some very key issues. One research project can’t address every data gap in an organization, but it can deliver insights that ... Read more

You’re Invited to the GMF Upcoming Event

March 26, 2008

Don’t miss the Government Marketing Forum’s upcoming panel: “Successful Marketing ,? Resonating with the Government Buyer.” Tuesday, April 8, 2008 Tower Club, Vienna, VA 4:30pm – 7:30pm Lisa Dezzutti will lead the panel where you’ll hear directly from government IT decision-makers including: Linda Cureton, CIO, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Jonathan Alboum, Deputy CIO, Department of Agriculture Ed Meagher, Deputy CIO, Department of Interior For more details and to register visit: Read more

Putting Federal Research Briefs to Work

March 20, 2008

Are you in charge of business development at an IT-related company?  If you answered yes, you don’t want to miss our 2 new research briefs (available for each of 11 different federal agencies).  One reports on most-valued vendor attributes, and the other reveals the most popular sources of IT information.  Here are just a few of the ways our briefs can help to improve your relevance and effectiveness with specific targeted agencies: Prepare BD and sales staffs Align with the right partners Segment messaging by agency Prioritize media outlets Improve show decisions Prepare BD and sales staffs: Business development and sales staffs should use the reports as a training ... Read more


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