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Overcome your Fear of Networking

July 24, 2007

I recently attended a Women in Technology (WIT) Speed Networking event, that began with a presentation on Encouraging Creativity in a Technical Environment. The speaker was fantastic, but what really grabbed my attention was the concept of speed networking. I was a little hesitant to throw myself out there in what sounded like a business adaptation of speed dating, but I was pleasantly surprised with the level of comfort that I felt during the networking session. I know that I was not alone in feeling the relief that came with eliminating the awkward approach that exists in traditional networking sessions. ... Read more

July Newsletter Announcement

July 19, 2007

I just wanted to let you know that Market Connections’ July newsletterÃ? will be going out next week on Tuesday, July 24th.Ã? This month the focus is on best practices for customer satisfaction improvement and the differences between quantitative and qualitative research.Ã? Please click here if you’re interested in signing up to receive it!Ã? Ã? Read more

Helios Apollo Award

July 9, 2007

I am pleased to announceÃ? Market Connections’Ã? recent win of the Helios’ Apollo Award.Ã? The award, presented by Helios HR and the SocietyÃ? for Human Resource Management (SHRM), celebrates our commitment to making ongoing workplace learning an organizational priority.Ã? We are pleased to be among other highly regarded companies in the DC metro area and we look forward to continuing our dedication to our employees’ personal and professional growth. This year marked the first annual Helios’ Apollo Awards ceremony.Ã? One winner was selected from within four different organizational size categories by an independent selection committee.Ã? Details about ... Read more

Government Marketing Forum Event

June 22, 2007

The Government Marketing Forum recently held a networking event that featured a discussion on innovative partnerships that increase sales.Ã? The discussion panel included Joanne Connelly of ConnellyWorks, Bob Lohfeld of Lohfeld Consulting Group, and myself.Ã? The most important takeaway that was emphasized throughout the panel was the importance of a strong relationship and clear communication among marketing, sales, and business development personnel.Ã? The panel agreed that too often these departments work against each other instead of working together toward a common goal.Ã? CDW-G was repeatedly used as an example of a company with an excellent relationship ... Read more

Getting the Most from Your Research Firm

June 19, 2007

Research is a significant investment for any organization. Equally important, a poorly designed or executed program can have a seriously detrimental impact on your organization’s ability to make effective and timely decisions. The tips below will help ensure you gain the most value from your research provider and, as a result, your research project. Involve your research firm from the start Call the research firms you’re considering and discuss your business intelligence needs before issuing an RFP, as their input may actually help you refine your objectives and create a more level playing field for comparison of proposals. And, once you’ve selected ... Read more

How to Deal with Overly Demanding Clients

June 18, 2007

I recently attended an Executive Women’s Special Interest Group for Women in Technology (WIT). The event focused on work-related situations,?? specifically dealing with demanding clients. The panelists at the event emphasized the importance of having open communication with clients. This should include being able to diagnose where their demands are coming from (typically internal pressures), demonstrating the impact of the demand to the client (whether it’s more time, personnel, or money), and forcing prioritization when demands get excessive. People often forget that a business relationship should be peer-to-peer,?? not master-servant. In the end, the business you’re conducting with a client should ... Read more

Upcoming Government Marketing Forum Event

June 15, 2007

As a member of the Government Marketing Forum steering committee, I want to invite you to participate in our first event on: Tuesday, June 19, 2007 Tower Club, Vienna, VA 5:30pm – 8:00pm The Government Marketing Forum is an opportunity for marketing, sales, and business development professionals in the government market to share ideas, hear from leaders in the field, and to network with the best and the brightest. At the upcoming event, an interactive panel, led by Chris Dorobek, Editor in Chief, Federal Computer Week, will discuss The Business Development,?? Marketing Connection – “Innovative Partnerships That Increase Sales”.  I will be joining Chris on ... Read more

Building Business Intelligence with FPDS-NG

June 15, 2007

If you’re a government contractor, you’ve likely heard of the Federal Procurement Data System,? Next Generation (FPDS-NG), the GSA’s central database repository of statistical information on federal contracting. With a web interface that allows government agencies to enter data directly into the system, FPDS-NG offers information on many contracts almost immediately. In fact, this past year the GSA updated the system with a new look and additional data as well as enhanced reporting and tools to further improve data timeliness and accuracy. Indeed, many contractors seeking information on a specific contract refer to this portal, which offers free access to more ... Read more

The Ups and Downs of Online Research

May 22, 2007

As online survey software becomes more sophisticated, organizations are increasingly turning to web-based research as a viable business intelligence tool. That can be a wise decision, as under the right circumstances it can deliver timely and cost-effective results. However, carefully consider all the factors before deciding if an online methodology will effectively meet your research objectives. Can we access the audience for an online quantitative study? In many industries, it can be very difficult to rent reliable email lists as compared to phone lists. In addition, the available lists may not be representative of the entire population you need to survey. Furthermore, ... Read more

Key Market Research Terms that Every Non-Researcher Should Know

May 22, 2007

When preparing to conduct a research study, your research provider may use some terminology with which you’re unfamiliar. Here are explanations of some of the most commonly used terms and concepts in the research business. Quantitative Research Quantitative studies collect statistically valid data from large respondent samples. Usually conducted via telephone, mail, or email with a carefully crafted survey instrument, their primary function is to confirm or disprove preliminary assumptions, insights, or ideas to drive informed decision-making and appropriate courses of action. Unlike other forms of research, the numerically calculated results of a quantitative study with a large enough number of respondents ... Read more


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