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How to Boost Your Image in the Federal Market

August 27, 2007

Many of the research projects we conduct for our clients aim to better understand how the Federal government perceives government contractors,?? what are each vendor’s strengths, weaknesses, product/service associations, etc. This is a phenomenal way to determine where you stand with respect to your main competitors. Our clients are typically thrilled to receive both positive and negative feedback (as any customer feedback is a gift); however, upon hearing negative feedback, they often come back to us with one question: What can we do to improve our image? FCW featured a commentary entitled “Fixing an Image Problem” in its August 20th issue that ... Read more

Time is running out to get your 20% discount!

August 23, 2007

If you order your copy of the Market Connections’ 2007 State and Local Public Sector IT Marketing Report by August 31st, you’ll save 20%! This report will enable your organization to get into the minds of education and state and local government IT decision-makers to better understand what drives their purchasing decisions. For meaningful insights on how to tailor your marketing to the state, local, and education IT markets, order your copy today! Read more

Best Bets for Market Research RFPs

August 20, 2007

Do you ever struggle in writing a request for proposal (RFP) for research? I know I used to when I was on the client-side of the table, and I have found that clear communication is the key to success in this effort. One of the most important things to provide upfront in your RFP is a comprehensive overview of your organization (e.g., mission statement, clients, competitors, history with research projects). Don’t forget to include any unique information that may be pertinent to the project, but may not be found on your website. It is also perfectly acceptable to think big, just remember ... Read more

How will the 2008 elections affect purchasing in the federal market?

August 15, 2007

So, Karl Rove is leaving the White House. ââ?¬Ë?Tis the season for many more changes to happen in the White House and in the Cabinet. As we approach the elections of 2008, we at Market Connections start getting the question: How do you think the elections will affect purchasing in the federal market? We get asked to perform interviews with political appointees and speculate about the effect a new appointee will have on spending within a Cabinet level department. While we don’t try to interview appointed (or elected) officials, we do have a pretty good idea as to the answer: ... Read more

The Magic Moments of Focus Groups

August 13, 2007

With the summer season upon us, I like to retire to the beach for a little while to read, relax, and recharge. And, like most people, I always have a stack of reading material that I haven’t gotten to over the year. Recently, I did pass on James Patterson and catching up on the new Harry Potter and instead looked at the summer 2007 issue of the QRCA, Views from the Qualitative Research Consultants Association. I know, maybe not your cup of tea, but it has always been important to me, and the company, to stay on top of what ... Read more

2007 Guide to IT Challenges and Priorities: State and Local Public Sector IT Marketing Report

August 9, 2007

Market Connections recently conducted a national survey of education and state and local IT professionals, and will release the findings in a report available on its website on Tuesday, August 14th. The report gives insight into the state and local public sector’s top IT priorities, IT challenges, top future IT investment areas, most valued vendor attributes, most popular sources of IT information, and the IT procurement process. This report is an excellent investment for those wishing to better understand the workings of the education and state and local IT markets. Make sure to visit next week to order your copy of ... Read more

Overcome your Fear of Networking

July 24, 2007

I recently attended a Women in Technology (WIT) Speed Networking event, that began with a presentation on Encouraging Creativity in a Technical Environment. The speaker was fantastic, but what really grabbed my attention was the concept of speed networking. I was a little hesitant to throw myself out there in what sounded like a business adaptation of speed dating, but I was pleasantly surprised with the level of comfort that I felt during the networking session. I know that I was not alone in feeling the relief that came with eliminating the awkward approach that exists in traditional networking sessions. ... Read more

July Newsletter Announcement

July 19, 2007

I just wanted to let you know that Market Connections’ July newsletterÃ? will be going out next week on Tuesday, July 24th.Ã? This month the focus is on best practices for customer satisfaction improvement and the differences between quantitative and qualitative research.Ã? Please click here if you’re interested in signing up to receive it!Ã? Ã? Read more

Helios Apollo Award

July 9, 2007

I am pleased to announceÃ? Market Connections’Ã? recent win of the Helios’ Apollo Award.Ã? The award, presented by Helios HR and the SocietyÃ? for Human Resource Management (SHRM), celebrates our commitment to making ongoing workplace learning an organizational priority.Ã? We are pleased to be among other highly regarded companies in the DC metro area and we look forward to continuing our dedication to our employees’ personal and professional growth. This year marked the first annual Helios’ Apollo Awards ceremony.Ã? One winner was selected from within four different organizational size categories by an independent selection committee.Ã? Details about ... Read more

Government Marketing Forum Event

June 22, 2007

The Government Marketing Forum recently held a networking event that featured a discussion on innovative partnerships that increase sales.Ã? The discussion panel included Joanne Connelly of ConnellyWorks, Bob Lohfeld of Lohfeld Consulting Group, and myself.Ã? The most important takeaway that was emphasized throughout the panel was the importance of a strong relationship and clear communication among marketing, sales, and business development personnel.Ã? The panel agreed that too often these departments work against each other instead of working together toward a common goal.Ã? CDW-G was repeatedly used as an example of a company with an excellent relationship ... Read more


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