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The Ups and Downs of Online Research

May 22, 2007

As online survey software becomes more sophisticated, organizations are increasingly turning to web-based research as a viable business intelligence tool. That can be a wise decision, as under the right circumstances it can deliver timely and cost-effective results. However, carefully consider all the factors before deciding if an online methodology will effectively meet your research objectives. Can we access the audience for an online quantitative study? In many industries, it can be very difficult to rent reliable email lists as compared to phone lists. In addition, the available lists may not be representative of the entire population you need to survey. Furthermore, ...
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Key Market Research Terms that Every Non-Researcher Should Know

May 22, 2007

When preparing to conduct a research study, your research provider may use some terminology with which you’re unfamiliar. Here are explanations of some of the most commonly used terms and concepts in the research business. Quantitative Research Quantitative studies collect statistically valid data from large respondent samples. Usually conducted via telephone, mail, or email with a carefully crafted survey instrument, their primary function is to confirm or disprove preliminary assumptions, insights, or ideas to drive informed decision-making and appropriate courses of action. Unlike other forms of research, the numerically calculated results of a quantitative study with a large enough number of respondents ...
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Teleworking: What’s the hold up?

May 3, 2007

Unfortunately, the federal government has yet to embrace teleworking programs. In its April 30 issue, FCW features a commentary on the fact that teleworking has not taken hold to the level many anticipated three to five years ago. In her article, The Telework Dance, Judy Welles cites the results from two different studies that point to a primary reason,?? lack of support from management. Our 2006 Telework Study, released just about a year ago, revealed similar feelings among federal workers. This resistance still exists despite legislative support for telework presented in a new bill sponsored by Sens. Stevens (R-AK) and ...
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Virtualization for Government

April 27, 2007

An important aspect of our work here at Market Connections is to stay abreast of technology initiatives that affect IT decision-makers. One way we do this is to attend industry seminars and workshops that address these initiatives and ways that organizations are tackling them. Recently, I attended InfoWorld’s Virtualization for Government Executive Forum in Washington, DC.  The event centered on technology virtualization, the idea of moving beyond physical resources to address IT needs by pooling and sharing technology. The seminar included speakers from commercial and government spaces who offered their experiences, challenges, and predictions for virtualization within their organizations and beyond. Virtualization ...
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Blue for Kids

April 16, 2007

At Market Connections, we feel that it’s important to give back to the community that gives so much to us. Recently, I attended a “Blue Reach” event that connects professional sports officials with pediatric hospital patients managing health-related issues. I joined the Blue Reach team and two Major League Baseball umpires at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore. During the event, we pulled red wagons filled to the brim with Build-a-Bear toys and stopped by each room so that the umpires could meet with and lift the spirits of the patients. One child screamed with delight, “A bear, a bear, mom ...
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Small Business Recertification Opinion Poll

April 12, 2007

Market Connections, together with CDW-G, posted a link in the February issue of the FCW’s SI E-Newsletter inviting readers to complete an opinion poll. Please click here to download the Executive Summary of the opinion poll results.
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Extend the Power of Research with a Robust Customer Database

March 30, 2007

Many organizations utilize customer research to expand and enhance their business intelligence, measuring everything from satisfaction levels to future purchase intent to interest in a new product or service offering. However, many of these companies,?? even some large enterprises,?? don’t capture this and other customer data in a centralized database to further extend this intelligence. Certainly, implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system or centralized database,?? which are available in numerous levels of sophistication,?? is a serious investment in terms of the technology cost, initial data collection and implementation time, as well as ongoing maintenance and management. But the improved decision ...
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Survey Instrument Makes or Breaks Market Research

February 16, 2007

Preparing and conducting effective market research programs requires expertise in many different areas. But, without a doubt, the most critical key to research success is the survey instrument. While we can’t even begin to address the complexities of developing survey instruments in one newsletter article, we can offer the following tips for evaluating the questionnaire your research provider develops for your next study. Start out easy: If possible within the context of the research objectives, pose general, easier questions first in order to set the stage and put the respondents at ease with the survey. Then, lead into the more specific ...
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Incentives Boost Research Response Rates and Data Quality

February 4, 2007

With the increasing difficulty in generating statistically valid response rates for certain types of market research programs, research experts frequently recommend offering an incentive as a means of boosting the number of survey participants. This incentive decision is based on whether or not the survey subject matter on its own will be enough to motivate the target audience’s participation. Keep in mind that some target audiences may be easier to motivate than others. For example, citizens who are asked to participate in government-sponsored surveys may feel a sense of civic duty to cooperate. Members of trade associations may be motivated by ...
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Understanding Qualitative Research Options

January 15, 2007

Gleaning performance-relevant insights from the opinions, motivations, frustrations, and priorities of your target audience requires qualitative research. At Market Connections, clients often ask how we choose between the two most effective qualitative research methods,? focus groups and in-depth interviews. In an in-depth interview, which is scheduled in advance and usually runs 20 minutes to an hour, a research specialist conducts a one-on-one session with the participant via phone or in person. In a focus group, 6 – 12 participants gather at the same time at a research facility or in an online chat room (preferably the former if possible). A professional ...
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