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Getting More Leverage from Your Research Results

January 23, 2006

After investing in research, your organization now has a much better understanding of the market’s requirements, opinions, and behaviors. These insights can help drive the development of more appealing products and services as well as messages that will better resonate with customers and prospects. That’s quite a return on investment. But, you may be overlooking an opportunity to get even more return on those research dollars. We’ve worked with many clients who have leveraged research studies to position themselves as thought leaders in the market. They’ve utilized key findings to secure press coverage, create exclusive customer and prospect events, develop a ... Read more

Research: A Reliable and Robust Marketing Metric

January 11, 2006

Without conducting research, measuring a marketing campaign’s impact in the marketplace can be difficult at best. Certainly, you can count the number of business reply cards, landing page forms, and phone calls that a campaign generates. But, while important, lead counting doesn’t begin to tell the whole story of whether or not an integrated marketing campaign is moving the needle on the brand meter. Even worse, boiling campaign results down to a lead count encourages those in the executive suite to view marketing as a sales support expense rather than a strategic market development investment. Such a view doesn’t respect ... Read more


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