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Top Innovator: At Cisco, creativity helps spark innovation

January 10, 2017

Marketing a tech product doesn’t have to be only about the technology. In fact, any technology solution is really about how it enhances people’s lives—whether by making a simple work function easier or connecting people across the globe. This is something Cisco Systems understands and the creative ways the company’s marketers work illustrates this. Cisco’s Alex Rosen is one example of a company innovator. She has an undergraduate degree in poetry and neuro-economics from Stanford and an MBA in Brand Strategy and Emerging Technology at UCLA. At Cisco, she leads a team in Global Marketing focused on sponsorships. Alex believes her ability ... Read more

How to Become a Thought Leader in 2017

January 5, 2017

Did you know that almost 60 percent of B2B customers make a buying decision BEFORE they ever contact a company to learn about products and services? How are they learning about what you can do to solve their problems if they aren’t meeting with your sales team? Becoming a thought leader and developing thought leadership content is a very important method to reach buyers as they educate themselves. Becoming a thought leader is such an important component of a robust marketing strategy that we have seen a surge in thought leadership studies. This is because the data that comes out of thought ... Read more

Three Reasons to Commission Market Research

January 3, 2017

Online research and inexpensive online survey tools make conducting market research so easy. So easy that companies wonder why they would ever need to commission custom research. We could write a book on the upside of commissioning market research. Honestly, though, whether to commission a custom study, do one in-house, or just rely on a study someone else has conducted comes down to your goals — what you need to know and how you are going to use that information. We have conducted research on virtually every topic you can imagine and we have learned there are three situations in which commissioning ... Read more

How to Make an Impact With Infographics

December 29, 2016

They say a picture is worth a thousand words for a reason: for thousands of years, we have been hard wired to respond to the visual cues around us; we simply retain what we see faster than if we read it. That makes delivering important information in an easily digestible visual form effective. For quick response, visuals are the way to go. Those visuals are called infographics: Snapshots of important data put into a digestible, visual format. Some are simple — a quick pie chart with a valuable fact. Some are more complex, like the one here illustrating the history of ... Read more

Top Articles of 2016

December 27, 2016

We’re just a few days shy of 2017. Once again, we’ve looked over the most popular articles and compiled our top five list for 2016. The theme this year was costs associated with conducting research. If you are planning to make market research part of your 2017 marketing plan, these articles will help you determine your budget and needs. What Is “Incidence Rate” and Why Does it Drive Research Costs? One of the factors that can impact the cost of doing market research is the ease in which the research company can reach qualified respondents and encourage them to complete the survey. ... Read more

How to Use the FMMS to Enhance Your 2017 Marketing

December 21, 2016

For eight consecutive years, Market Connections has conducted a comprehensive study of federal decision maker’s media habits with the Federal Media and Marketing Study. With data from more than 3,000 decision-makers highlighting their use of digital, mobile, social, print, and broadcast, the study results are a must-have resource for federal marketers who need to justify every dollar they spend. The aggregated data alone is a valuable tool and is available for download. Whether you are looking at earned media or paid media, this data helps you understand where your audience is spending time, where they go for news and information. FMMS Reporting Tool But ... Read more

Best Practices Retaining Customers and Contracts: Customer Experience

December 19, 2016

WEBINAR: Best Practice Series: Customer Experience: Using Research to Retain Customers and Contracts from Market Connections, Inc. on Vimeo. Top government contractors know that getting honest feedback about contract performance and customer experience is crucial to relationships and contract renewals — that’s why winning contractors have programs in place. Whether the goal is retaining a key contract or winning new business, customer experience research can uncover valuable insight into contract performance. As part of our webinar series on Customer Experience, Market Connections’ Vice President of Research Strategy, Laurie Morrow shared best practices in customer experience research and how to leverage results to ensure ... Read more

Top Innovator: Optum Named Leader in Health Care Payer Information Technology Services

December 14, 2016

Optum is an information and technology-enabled health services business with a mission to help make the health system work better for everyone. With more than 115,000 people worldwide, the company delivers intelligent, integrated solutions to modernize the health system and improve overall population health. To recognize this dedication to innovation, Everest Group named Optum to the Leader category in the 2016 “Healthcare Payer IT Services –Service Provider Landscape with PEAK Matrix™ Assessment.” For the research, Everest Group used a comprehensive evaluation framework that examined 22 service providers in the global health care IT services market and identified them as either Leaders, ... Read more

What Does Customer Experience Mean to You?

December 12, 2016

This is a great time of year to reflect on what has worked and what can improve in 2017. Customer experience is one place where, even if a company excels, there is always room to adapt and grow. Consider these customer scenarios: You have exciting, big ideas of how you can work with your prospect, but some of your prospects just are not Good customer service in this situation means selling them something else. Regardless of whether you are selling cloud services or apartment buildings, understanding the customer and their day-to-day life is crucial if you want to connect to them. Some ... Read more

Why Contract Evaluation Research Is a Key Investment

December 8, 2016

In the 2016 Federal Government Contractors Study, 68% of respondents with win rates above 50% said their teams were good/excellent with government customer relationship management. That number is significantly higher than the 36% of respondents with win rates less than 50% who rated themselves similarly. With the ever-growing importance of customer experience in the federal market, relationships are paramount. That means efforts to foster customer relationships are well worth the investment. These efforts include conducting research to learn customer preferences, needs and requirements. That makes customer experience and contract evaluation research a powerful tool. One of our IT services firm clients with a ... Read more


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