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Q&A: IDentrix CEO Raj Ananthanpillai on How Contractors Can Prepare for the Insider Threat Monitoring Rule

October 3, 2016

Malicious insiders are a top security threat for federal agencies — events demonstrated with Edward Snowden’s release of government secrets and the U.S. Navy Yard shooting (in which 12 people were killed). In both incidents, and many more, the malicious actors held security clearances. Yet those who monitored cleared personnel were not aware of changes in their life circumstances that could have alerted authorities to the potential threat they posed. As the clearance process works, each person holding a security clearance must be re-vetted every five or 10 years (depending on the level of the clearance). However, within that time period, ... Read more

How Mobile App Usability Relates to Customer Satisfaction

September 29, 2016

Sometimes, interactions customers have with your company outside the contract work still impact their satisfaction with your company. In our post earlier in the week, we discussed customer experience. A piece of customer experience is mobility: website and mobile app usability. Why is that important? Market Connections recently conducted a PulsePollTM on mobile device usage. That study finds that the majority of federal decision makers use their mobile devices to access websites, and to perform other tasks. That means your website must not only be user friendly, but also be mobile friendly. What is usability and how does it relate to customer satisfaction? Usability is customer ... Read more

How To Improve Your Customer’s Experience — and Satisfaction

September 27, 2016

Customers can be satisfied, even when you aren’t meeting all their needs. Customer satisfaction research is important for measuring a specific contract. But customer experience research is how you assess whether you are meeting real customer needs. On the surface, customer satisfaction and customer experience seem the same. But customer satisfaction is really a piece of customer experience, which is measuring a particular experience at a specific time, and after the fact. Customer experience is broader than that in that it measures a collection of things that influence the customer, such as brand perception, user experience, perceived value and satisfaction. Customer ... Read more

How To Increase Customer Satisfaction Through Engagement

September 20, 2016

The 2016 Government Contractor Study reveals that more than half of government contractors (53 percent) find customer relationship management to be a challenge for marketing and business development. Knowing when and how to engage with a government customer is a key to managing these relationships — whether that customer is a current client or a prospect. Engagement is important at every stage of the customer lifecycle, from before the RFP is issued through the life of the contract. Customer Engagement Via Mobile Devices As mobile device usage dramatically increases, engaging with clients and prospects is easier — you can reach them outside of ... Read more

Top Innovator GDIT Launches Customer Service Platform

September 20, 2016

This month, FedPulse is focused on customer satisfaction and the things contractors can do to provide exceptional customer service. In that spirit, General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) receives a Top Innovator commendation for the company’s Contact Center as a Service Customer Experience Platform (CXP). While this service is designed to help federal agencies improve customer service, in creating it, GDIT has addressed an important client need. In our mobile world, people expect to be able to communicate with business and government agencies when they want and in the way they want. Delivering quality customer service means making all those channels accessible, ... Read more

A Customer Satisfaction Index Provides a Snapshot of Customer Relationships

September 15, 2016

In a post earlier last week, we talked about how customer satisfaction research is an important tool in helping with government customer relationship management — an area in which government contractors rated themselves lower than expected in the 2016 Federal Government Contractor Study. The insights it provides can help you identify where potential issues exist, and help you improve areas that have the most measurable impact on customer loyalty, retention and growth. The customer satisfaction program is just the beginning of improving government customer relationships for many Market Connections clients. For executives who need to see a high-level snapshot of customer ... Read more

GAIN 2016 Provides Insights for 2017 B2G Marketing Efforts

September 13, 2016

Marketing to the federal government is different from marketing to any other industry. Often government marketers must take the nuggets they can from B2B marketing conferences or resources, then figure out how to make them fit with the realities of marketing to the government. That is, unless they attend the GAIN conference, a two-day event focused entirely on the government marketing community. The GAIN 2016 conference is Sept. 22 and 23 at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, Va., timed to arm government marketers with actionable intelligence as they begin their 2017 strategic marketing planning. Who should attend? Anyone who works in marketing ... Read more

Webinar: How to Maintain a Competitive Edge in Government Contracting

September 8, 2016

This summer, Market Connections released the results of the 2016 Government Contractor Study (which are available for download). The study revealed not only the challenges contractors face in marketing to the federal government, but strategies winning contractors are using to remain competitive. The study found that both business development and marketing professionals in federal government contracting say the long government procurement process is by far their biggest challenge. They’re addressing this, and other challenges, by using automated tools, thought leadership materials and events. On Tuesday, September 13, 2016, Market Connections and Salesforce join the Professional Services Council to further explore the results ... Read more

How Do You Ensure Your Customers are Satisfied?

September 7, 2016

The Market Connections 2016 Federal Government Contractor Study revealed that only half (50%) of government contractors rate themselves highly on government customer relationship management. For those who have less than 50% win rates, the number is even lower at 36%. Despite these low self-ratings, contractors agree that customer satisfaction is critical to winning business. How can contractors improve their customer relationships? One of the most effective tactics for improving government customer relationship management is implementing a customer satisfaction program. In fact, using a third party research firm to conduct customer satisfaction research is not only an essential part of building customer ... Read more

5 Things To Do with Your Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

August 31, 2016

One of the key ingredients in winning proposal recompetes is making sure your customers are satisfied with the work you’re doing. A customer satisfaction program provides those insights. Customer satisfaction research often reveals new insights to your customers’ goals and needs that can help you better position your company for recompetes. It also will identify areas where your firm is falling short of customer needs. In fact, we have never conducted one of these studies that didn’t reveal something senior management had not known. From your customer’s point of view, taking the time to implement a customer satisfaction program sends a powerful ... Read more


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