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Weekly News Kickoff: Learn What’s Happening with Federal Innovation

May 31, 2016

Innovation is a hot topic. The Federal government is constantly looking at ways to improve efficiency and lower costs, and government contractors have great ideas for both goals. Next week at the Federal Innovation Summit, industry leaders will talk about what is happening and what is next. Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. Event: Federal Innovation Summit is June 7 Emerging technologies and digital services — including smartphones, the cloud and the Internet of Things — are disrupting the private sector at an unprecedented rate. Federal agencies must strive to adopt the same innovation to serve, secure and protect ... Read more

20 Years of Research: How Research Methods Have Changed

May 26, 2016

Market Connections is celebrating 20 years of helping companies conduct the research they need to help their business thrive. Much has changed over two decades, from business trends to how we do the research. Market Connections Founder and President Lisa Dezzutti and Vice President, Research Strategy Laurie Morrow are sharing their memories and experiences from working together during that time. In the first installment, they discussed trends in research — what customers have focused on and how that has changed. In this installment, they share how Market Connections used to conduct research and how research methods have changed. FedPulse: When you ... Read more

Make Your Voice Heard: 2016 Federal Government Contractor Study

May 25, 2016

Federal contractors continue to feel the effects of LPTA. And with a change in administration coming, they are sure to face other challenges in selling to the federal government. How are federal government contractors adapting to this ever-changing environment? What are the business development and marketing practices that best position their companies for success in this competitive market? That’s what Market Connections Inc.and Salesforce want to find out. Market Connections, in partnership with Salesforce, is spearheading a study of federal government contractors that will answer these questions — and more. Your input is critical. Make your voice heard by sharing your candid ... Read more

Weekly News Kickoff: Federal Government Contractors, Share Your Insights

May 23, 2016

Calling all federal government contractors. Market Connections and Salesforce want your insights into the challenges you face in this competitive market and your best practices in addressing them. All respondents will get the full study report. Make your voice heard! Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. Spoiler alert: There are some great events in June. Event: How are Feds Accessing and Consuming Content on Mobile Devices? With the majority of feds using mobile devices, there is no doubt that they are more connected than ever. But does that connectivity result in more work productivity? What content are they accessing, ... Read more

Winning Contractor: Navy Awards BAE Systems $29 Million Maintenance Contract for USS Gettysburg

May 19, 2016

The U.S. Navy has awarded BAE Systems $29.4 million to maintain the USS Gettysburg (CG 64), a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser. The competitively awarded contract includes options that, if exercised, would raise the total value to $31.8 million. The Gettysburg is equipped with the Aegis Combat System, which provides air defense for aircraft carrier battle groups. The ship was commissioned in 1991. The special selected restricted availability of the Gettysburg will begin in June, and be completed in December. BAE Systems’ Norfolk, Virginia, shipyard will perform the repair, maintenance and modernization work aboard the 567-foot-long ship. Dave Thomas, vice president and general manager of ... Read more

20 Years of Research: Trends Over the Years

May 18, 2016

Market Connections turns 20 this year, and much in the research industry has changed over that time. Over the next several weeks, Market Connections Founder and President Lisa Dezzutti and Vice President, Research Strategy Laurie Morrow will share their memories and experiences from the past two decades. In this first installment, they discuss trends in research — what customers have focused on and how that has changed. FedPulse: What trends have you seen over the last 20 years in what clients are interested in finding out? What’s been hot? Lisa: Where the money is being spent in the government tends to determine ... Read more

Weekly News Kickoff: Metro Repair Schedule May Be Moved Up

May 16, 2016

Less than a week after a tentative schedule for Metro repairs was released, it is already being revised. The Federal Transit Administration has requested changes to the timeline, and some construction may be moved up to June. Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. Changes Loom for SafeTrack Plan Amid Friction Between Metro, Federal Officials Metro general manager Paul Wiedefeld conceded he should have reached out to federal oversight officials before unveiling a tentative schedule for a massive rail reconstruction program starting next month, WAMU reports. Wiedefield said his management style is sometimes impatient. Five days after Wiedefeld released the proposed SafeTrack ... Read more

Does Research Need To Be “Statistically Valid”?

May 12, 2016

Market research is playing an ever more critical role for government contractors as they look for ways to position themselves in the market and differentiate from the competition. The right insights with regard to customer satisfaction, contract capture, and communications testing can provide a contractor with the information needed to drive business growth. In-depth analysis of industry trends can help position contractors as thought leaders and industry experts. When embarking on a research project, one of the outcomes you need to think about is whether it is critical that the study be statistically valid. We are firm believers in statistically valid ... Read more

How To Get the Most Out of Your Thought Leadership Project: Part 3, Leverage Your Research Results

May 11, 2016

Thought leadership research gives you insights into how your customers are addressing or adapting to current trends, arming you with the knowledge to position your people and services. Whether you use the research results in a white paper, infographic, webinar or live event, thought leadership research and content establishes your team as experts on the topic. In this three-part series, we are looking at each of the key elements of successful thought leadership research. In Part 1, we discussed the importance of survey design. In Part 2, we discussed how to look at your results for the most meaningful insights. In ... Read more

Weekly News Kickoff: Metro To Begin Major Construction this Summer

May 9, 2016

The rush hour commute may be dicey this summer as Metro works on major repairs to improve safety. This may be a good time to plan work-from-home days or a long vacation in June. Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. Metro Announces Major Months-Long Rehab Effort Metro will conduct extensive track work over the next several months on all lines except new portions of the Silver Line in a major rehabilitation program, general manager, Paul Wiedefeld announced on Friday (as initially reported by WAMU). The program may begin as early as June. For days or, in some locations, ... Read more


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