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How To Get the Most Out of Your Thought Leadership Project: Part 1, Survey Design

April 27, 2016

Thought leadership research can have a tremendous return on investment while helping to establish your people as trusted advisors in the market — but only if you ask the right questions, understand what the data is telling you, and leverage the results. In this three-part series, we look at each of those three key elements of successful thought leadership research (starting with survey design) so that when you start your project, you will hit the ball out of the park. Preparing and conducting any type of effective market research program — from thought leadership to customer satisfaction — requires expertise in ...
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Weekly News Kickoff: Two House Bills Push for Federal IT Modernization

April 25, 2016

Congress may be moving on IT modernization with bills in both the House and Senate that would help upgrade outdated federal IT systems. Although the bills are not being developed in parallel, they share some provisions and look as if they could gain traction. Wouldn’t that be great? Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. Key IT Bills Show Signs of Strength in Congress Two key IT modernization bills could see some movement in the legislative process this year as lawmakers move cautiously in a politically charged cycle, FCW reports. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md., introduced the Information Technology Modernization ...
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Q&A: Kim Garner, Executive Advisor, Marketing Services, Neustar, on How To Leverage Big Data for Marketing

April 21, 2016

Big data is everywhere — studies predict there will be 40 exabytes of data by 2020. As the volume of data grows, data analytics becomes increasingly important, particularly as companies figure out how to use data for business development and customer retention. Whether you are selling services to the federal government or products to consumers, your data can help paint a picture of your customer. Neustar, with its history of managing complex datasets, helps marketers promote their businesses using big data. It does this by helping companies apply the data they are already collecting and using it to inform marketing strategies ...
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How Infographics Boost Your Credibility

April 20, 2016

Monica Mayk, Market Connections VP of Client Relations, sees first-hand the value of infographics. The effect on an audience is so strong it even catches her off guard. “I’m always surprised when I go into a meeting and as soon as I pull out an infographic to illustrate the data in a visual way, their engagement changes,” she says. The reason for this heightened engagement? Maybe the picture really is worth a thousand words. Even technical experts are not always able to hear or read all the data confronting them and assimilate it into their lives or their business problems immediately. But ...
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Weekly News Kickoff: Is IRS Keeping Data Secure?

April 18, 2016

It’s officially tax day! Let’s hope you’ve filed your taxes already and can relax. In honor of tax day, FedPulse has pulled together news of the IRS. Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. Is IRS Dropping Risk Assessment Ball? As far as everyone knows, troves of taxpayer records the Internal Revenue Service maintains have never been breached, FCW reports. But watchdogs are concerned by the leadership decisions that enabled fraudsters to snatch sensitive information through the digital front door via the web tool Get Transcript. IRS officials took the tool down in May 2015 after fraudsters exploited the knowledge-based security ...
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Winning Contractor: National Science Foundation Awards Raytheon $8 Million to Continue Building the Future Internet

April 14, 2016

The National Science Foundation has awarded $8 million to Raytheon BBN Technologies to continue the redesign of the Internet. The foundation-funded Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI), a collaborative community of scientists from around the world, is working to meet the performance, security, and agility demands of new and emerging technologies online. Under the new award, Raytheon BBN Technologies will oversee expansion of the GENI platform for continued advances in education, medicine, network research and public safety. “GENI is a tremendous success, surpassing its original goals,” said Mark Berman, GENI project director at Raytheon. “Today, GENI is helping to fundamentally change the way in which ...
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Mobile Devices Increase Productivity for Federal Decision-Makers

April 13, 2016

With the majority of people using mobile devices, there is no doubt that our world is more connected than ever. But does that connectivity result in more work productivity? Results of a new Market Connections PulsePollTM indicates the answer is yes, at least for federal decision-makers. The survey results, released last week, show that more than eighty percent of federal decision-makers believe mobile devices are critical to their jobs, make them more productive and increase the hours they work. This study is a follow-up to a 2013 study on mobility. In addition to looking at productivity, the survey explores the type of ...
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Weekly News Kickoff: Pentagon Issuing Few Security Clearances

April 11, 2016

Does it feel like it’s more difficult these days to get your employees their clearances? It’s not your imagination. It is more difficult — and the number of security clearances has dropped 20 percent in the last three years. Will that change when the administration changes, or is this the new normal? Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. Pentagon Security Clearances Drop 20 Percent in 3 Years The number of Defense Department employees and contractors with security clearances has dropped by 20 percent over the last three years, according to data published by the Office of Management and Budget and ...
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5 Habits of Highly Successful Federal Contractors

April 7, 2016

The impetus for nearly every market research project Market Connections does is to help the company win and retain more business. Whether through assessing market perception, measuring customer experience or establishing thought leadership, federal contractors are looking for a way to differentiate in this competitive landscape. Over the last 20 years, and countless research studies, we have seen some consistencies in the habits of highly successful federal contractors. Here are the top five business-development and marketing practices contractors with high win rates use. Understand the Customer’s Needs When we conduct New Pursuit and Capture research or Market Opportunity Assessments, we often find ...
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9 Hottest Tech Trends Dominating Business in 2016

April 6, 2016

What is going to happen in tech over the next nine months? Here’s a hint: There are major changes ahead in cybersecurity and advanced analytics. This prediction comes from Booz Allen Hamilton’s Annual List of Top Technology Trends for 2016. To develop the list, Booz Allen polled experts and drew upon its portfolio of client engagements and relationships at the c-suite level to assemble a list of nine technology trends affecting companies. The company shared the list in the Washington Post Brand Studio. The Booz Allen list includes several emerging technology trends that are altering how organizations tackle some of their most ...
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