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Research Shows Insiders Are Still the Greatest Cybersecurity Threat

August 12, 2015

In January 2014, SolarWinds commissioned Market Connections, Inc. to conduct a survey to learn about the primary cybersecurity threats facing federal agencies. That study revealed that whether through human error or malicious intent, people are a highly unpredictable and significantly damaging threat to an agency’s cybersecurity defense. A year later, SolarWinds and Market Connections conducted a follow-up to that survey to gauge confidence levels of combating insider and external IT security threats and measure changes in concern and investment of resources in addressing threats. The study found that insiders are the biggest cybersecurity threat agencies face, and the threat is increasing. ... Read more

Weekly News Kickoff: Senate Stalls on Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

August 10, 2015

The Senate heads into the August recess without voting on the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act. Will senators finally vote on it this fall? We’ll see. Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. Senate Stalls on Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act A deal to bring the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) to the floor for a cloture vote with an eye to passing the bill on Aug. 6 fell apart because of disagreements over what amendments would be subject to debate and vote, FCW reports. The Senate now plans to pick up cybersecurity after the recess, with Democrats allowed to introduce 11 ... Read more

Q&A: David J. Salati, a Marketing Business Partner at Booz Allen Hamilton, on How a Localized Marketing Approach Can Position You for Success

August 6, 2015

What do you do when you want to bid on a strategic contract, but the client does not even realize your firm has capabilities in that geographic market? You must educate the client and demonstrate your expertise well before the request for proposal (RFP) hits. Booz Allen Hamilton recently faced that very situation. The firm had identified a major Army contract procurement for a strategic bid opportunity. With a significant estimated ceiling value worth, it was the only major full and open opportunity planned for the next five years in this market. Gaining a prime contract would provide contractual access for ... Read more

Weekly News Kickoff: Leidos-Cerner-Accenture Team Wins Multibillion-Dollar Contract; Concerns about Shadow IT in the Federal Workspace; and More

August 3, 2015

If you work within the federal space, it’s likely you heard about the recent contract win by the Leidos-Cerner-Accenture team for the multi-year, multibillion-dollar DoD contract. Congratulations! We also want to congratulate Market Connection, Inc. President Lisa Dezzutti on being named this year’s Women in Technology (WIT) president. Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy this week’s highlights. Leidos-Cerner-Accenture Team Wins Multibillion Dollar Military Health Record Contract A team of Leidos, healthcare technology maker Cerner and Accenture has beaten two other industry teams for the Defense Department’s multi-year, multibillion dollar contract to integrate a commercial electronic health records system across the Military ... Read more

Mobility Is a Growing Trend in Government

July 30, 2015

In June 2015, Market Connections released the findings from the 2014 Federal Media & Marketing Study, which included the latest trends in the ever-changing federal media landscape. The past few years have shown the lines blurring between the personal and business use of social media and mobile devices — a factor that may have to do as much with advances in technology as with the fact that the first “digital generation” has entered the workforce. The 2013 Federal Media and Marketing Study didn’t just show that mobility had arrived; it proved mobility as a major influencer of government professionals’ access to news and ... Read more

How To Use Your Customer Experience Research Results

July 29, 2015

In our four-part series on customer experience, FedPulse® is looking at the factors that influence it. In Part 1, we looked at why customer experience is important. Part 2 examined the difference between customer satisfaction and customer experience. Part 3 explored usability and how it relates to customer experience. In this final part of the series, we discuss what to do with your research results for maximum impact on your business. In Part 2, we shared the story of a client who discovered during the customer experience research phase that there was a significant difference between how the sales team was ... Read more

Weekly News Kickoff: Software Experts Tout Benefits of Collecting Consumer Data at Risk of Privacy

July 27, 2015

Where do you stand on the merits of collecting consumer data versus protecting privacy? Last week, a panel of technology experts convened to talk about it, and their consensus is that the pros of collecting data outweigh the cons. What do you think? Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. Software Experts Favor Collecting Consumer Data over Protecting Privacy Tech expert members of a panel convened by the Software & Information Industry Association said collecting data can be good for companies and consumers, FedScoop reports. The panel said consumers and students want technology companies to keep their information private — ... Read more

What Is Working In Government Marketing, Part 4

July 23, 2015

In February, Federal Marketing Insights posted the first of a four-part series focusing on government marketing trends. The discussion in that first part centers on data from the Market Connections 2014 Federal Media and Marketing Study. That study tracks the media outlets where decision-makers get their information. The second part of the series addresses thought leadership, and part three looked at the evolution of event marketing. Part four focuses on the impact of mobile devices within the federal government as well the broadcasting effect on reaching government employees. This informative 10-minute video explores: The prevalence of mobile devices among federal decision makers Mobile strategy ... Read more

Website Usability and the Customer Experience

July 22, 2015

In our four-part series on customer experience, FedPulse® is looking at the factors that influence customer experience. In an increasingly digital world, website usability is synonymous with customer experience. If you doubt your customers are using your website, consider these facts: According to the Pew Research Internet Project “The Web at 25 in the U.S.,” Internet and cell phones top the list of technologies that would be hard to give up: Nearly 9 in 10 American adults use the Internet There is a near saturation of internet use in households earning $75,000+ (99%) and among those with college degrees (97%) 90 percent own cell ... Read more

Weekly News Kickoff: Silicon Valley Struggles to Hack Its Diversity Problem

July 20, 2015

The biggest tech firms in Silicon Valley are struggling with creating a diverse work force. They say this is because there aren’t enough candidates, although recent data illustrates that is not the case. Do DC tech firms face the same challenges? Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. Silicon Valley Struggles to Hack Its Diversity Problem Making its workforce more diverse has emerged as a major challenge for Silicon Valley tech firms, The Washington Post reports. Leading tech companies say they’d hire if they could, but that not enough black and Hispanic students are pursuing computer science degrees. However, recent ... Read more


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