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What Is Working In Government Marketing, Part 2

April 8, 2015

In February, Federal Marketing Insights posted the first of a four-part series focusing on government marketing trends. The discussion in that first post centered on data from the Market Connections 2014 Federal Media and Marketing Study, which tracks the media outlets where decision makers get their information. Federal Marketing Insights recently posted the second part of the series, in which Mark Amtower addresses the concept of thought leadership with panelists Ralph Renzi, director of federal sales for WTOP and Federal News Radio; Lisa Dezzutti, founder and CEO of Market Connections, and Rita Walston, senior director of client marketing at immixGroup. This informative ... Read more

Weekly News Kickoff: D.C.’s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015 and April Fools’ Hits DoD

April 6, 2015

Did anyone prank you this April Fools’ Day? Inventive pranks have become as much fun as Super Bowl ads, and everyone is a fair target. Read to find out what some imaginative minds say the Defense Department was up to last week. On a more serious note, FedScoop has named “D.C.’s Top 50 Women in Technology.” We join FedScoop in honoring these industry leaders. Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. D.C.’s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015 FedScoop has released “D.C.’s Top 50 Women in Technology.” The vibrant energy, determination and imagination of these 50 women are making a ... Read more

Q&A: Ralph Wade, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton, on the AFEI Industry Day: Envisioning the Future of Battlespace Awareness

April 2, 2015

In any industry, open dialogue and collaboration facilitate progress and innovation. Technology is changing every aspect of our personal and professional lives, making this kind of communication ever more critical. Because the Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI) understands this need, it sponsors Industry Days that provide open forums to facilitate this communication. On April 10, Booz Allen Hamilton is hosting the AFEI Industry Day for Battlespace Awareness, which is the ability to understand dispositions and intentions, as well as the characteristics and conditions, of the operational environment. Battlespace Awareness leverages intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and meteorological and oceanographic information to create a ... Read more

Don’t Trust Your Gut: The Importance of Corporate Identity Research

April 1, 2015

Companies with an accurate view of themselves and their competitors are best positioned to succeed. The business world is riddled with companies that focused their human and financial resources on business development while relying on anecdotal, subjective or gut feelings about their standing in the market. The problem is, these gut feelings are often off base. In today’s crowded and highly competitive business environment, trusting your gut will no longer do. The companies that consistently win new contracts have systems in place to identify the key ways they can differentiate themselves from their competitors and understand how the market perceives them. The ... Read more

Weekly News Kickoff: What Are the Worst Data Compliance Flubs, House Intel Panel Approves Cyber Bill

March 30, 2015

Hillary Clinton isn’t the first person to commit a data compliance faux pas; in fact, it’s all too common. Information Week compiled a list of some of the worst (and/or most embarrassing) incidents, along with key takeaways to help prevent it from happening to you. Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights. Clinton Email Fail: Worst Government Security Flubs Hillary Clinton isn’t even the only politician saddled with a data compliance faux pas when it comes to email — Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus, Jeb Bush and Sarah Palin have all been there. See a list of government security flubs compiled ... Read more

Event Recap: 2015 Federal Content Marketing Review

March 26, 2015

This article a reprint of the Federal Content Marketing Review Recap originally posted on the Merritt Group blog. On March 17, 2015, Market Connections, Inc. and Merritt Group hosted the 2015 Federal Content Marketing Review. The result was a program worthy of St. Patrick’s pot of gold, teasing content marketing treasures from start to finish. Market Connections President Lisa Dezzutti kicked off the program with the 2015 Federal Content Marketing PulsePoll™ results. This poll of federal decision-makers and BtoG marketers identified which types of content and channels inform and influence federal procurement decisions. Key research findings included: With drastic budget cuts hindering event attendance ... Read more

Digital Content Can Facilitate Inclusive Dialog on Important Issues

March 24, 2015

Last week, Market Connections and Merritt Group announced the findings of the 2015 Content Marketing PulsePoll™, which looked at how both contractors and the government use and consume all forms of marketing content. While there were some disparities in the perceived value of different types of content, 85% of government respondents and 81% of industry agreed that digital content is an effective way to keep government current on hot topics and trends. Northrop Grumman can attest to the value of digital content. On Wednesday, March 25 at noon EST, the company is presenting “Women in Weather,” a digital conversation about the ... Read more

Weekly News Kick Off: Event Looks at How to Encourage Women to Follow a Career in Atmospheric Sciences

March 23, 2015

Atmospheric sciences are of interest to everyone—especially after the long, cold winter we’ve had in the D.C. area. Yet, only 14% of professionals in this field are women. On Wednesday, join a conversation with a panel of leading experts about the industry and how to engage more women in the field. Welcome to the weekly news kick off. Enjoy these highlights. Event: Encouraging Women to Join the Atmospheric Sciences According to the National Science Foundation, out of the 14,000 professionals employed in atmospheric sciences, only 2,000 are women. How can we change those numbers and encourage more women enter this profession? On ... Read more

Winning Contractor: Agile Defense Awarded $26.2M DARPA IT Support Contract

March 19, 2015

Small, disadvantaged business Agile Defense is growing rapidly. And it’s doing this by building a reputation as a solid partner that helps agencies deliver innovative IT solutions. Every engagement begins with the company’s philosophy: “Listen. Think. Innovate.” Based on this reputation — and the ability to deliver results — the company recently won a $26.2 million task order to provide IT services and support to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The cost-plus-award-fee task order has options for unclassified IT services and support for the DARPA Mission Services Office Information Technology Directorate. Under the contract, Agile Defense will provide office computing, ... Read more

Are You Using Infographics?

March 18, 2015

To convey your message quickly and concisely, try using infographics. Infographics are snapshots of important data put into a digestible, visual format. Some are simple — a quick pie chart with a valuable fact. Some are more complex. Florence Nightingale was the first person to use an infographic to influence a policy decision. Her graphic helped convince Queen Victoria to create the Royal Commission on the Health of the Army. Today companies use infographics to educate their customers about a range of important issues, from how productive the work force is to trends in technology. Read more to learn about why infographics are ... Read more


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