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How Do My Target Audiences Impact the Price of Market Research?

March 6, 2014

Author:  Dave Glantz, Director of Research Services, Market Connections, Inc. Last year, I authored a FedPulse article about pricing considerations and research, which has garnered lots of traffic and attention.  In today’s government contracting marketplace, price clearly matters when it comes to research. As I highlighted in that article, I have conducted focus group studies costing anywhere from $10,000 for a single and very simple group of government IT professionals, to others up to $100,000 in the case of an eight-group study Retreat Thurs afternoon to Satur – rest, contemplate where you’ve been the last few years ...
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Winning Contractor: Dell Wins Contract to Build Private Cloud for U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

March 5, 2014

As many federal agencies are challenged with developing and implementing private cloud-based systems that are fully compliant with new and ever-changing mandates, the right industry partners can help in achieving this major IT goal. It was recently announced that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) awarded a contract to Dell to build and install an on-premises, federal government compliant private cloud. Dell has designed the cloud solution specifically for the NRC to help it achieve its business needs of reducing IT costs, simplifying operations, providing new technology and capability to the NRC user community and satisfying the OMB direction for each agency ...
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Opportunity for Contractors to Fill the Gap with Government Staffing Concerns

March 4, 2014

A recent headline-making PulsePoll™ from Market Connections, Inc. and FierceGovIT quantified a higher-than-expected level of dissatisfaction with government employment:  50 percent of federal respondents said they are considering employment outside of government. Pay freezes, furloughs and the uncertain political climate are all contributing factors for this mindset. Government workers are feeling the strain of thinning budgets, yet the continued pressure to produce at a high level with fewer resources. While this news is troubling for the federal government, this could be an opportunity for contractors to fill in the gap with talent and resources. “The flipside for industry is that this may ...
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Weekly News Kick Off: Pentagon’s Take on Sequestration for 2016; Budget Cuts Hurt Government; and New Contract Wins

March 3, 2014

Welcome to the Weekly News Kick Off from the FedPulse blog.  Defense Secretary Hagel unveiled the Pentagon’s new budget, which focuses on leaner and meaner defense efforts.  The topic of sequestration also reared its head again in Hagel’s comments about fiscal year 2016.  In addition, we have stories about new contract wins and a government IT acquisition reform. Be sure to check out this and much more in the latest Weekly News Kick Off.  Happy Monday. Here’s What the Pentagon Will Cut If Sequestration Happens Again in 2016 If sequestration happens again in fiscal year 2016, Defense Secretary Hagel said he will ...
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Q&A: Jean-Paul Bergeaux, Chief Technology Officer of SwishData, Discusses Need for Advanced and Cost-Effective Cyber Solutions

February 26, 2014

As federal agencies are considerably challenged from a highly advanced cyber threat landscape, there is a critical need for procuring the right solutions for staying one-step-ahead of the bad guys. However, the big question is how can agencies do this when budgetary resources are extremely low, and the threat vector is very high. FedPulse had a recent opportunity to speak with Jean-Paul Bergeaux, Chief Technology Officer of SwishData, about the company’s new cybersecurity offering that aims to provide the most comprehensive data security, while also being cost-effective. FedPulse:  Before we talk about your new cybersecurity offering, please tell a little bit about ...
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Warfighting at the Enterprise Level: Developing a Leaner, More Capable Intelligence Age Military

February 25, 2014

By Barry Rosenberg, Guest Contributor Editor, C4ISR & Networks In May the 13th annual C4ISR & Networks Conference will feature all aspects of the situational awareness revolution in defense, driven by networks of communications, IT, GEOINT, cyber, unmanned systems and sensors. The event will be an exciting and unique opportunity to engage and connect with generals, flag officers and members of the Senior Executive Services, as well as project managers, industry leaders and other attendees.  Dozens of generals/flags/SES’s have spoken at the event over the years. This year’s theme is ‘Warfighting at the Enterprise Level: Developing a leaner, more capable intelligence age military’.  The ...
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Online vs. In-Person Focus Groups

February 25, 2014

By Dave Glantz, Director of Research Services Gaining the right qualitative insights from focus groups is vital for any market research effort. However, it is important to know the differences between online and in-person focus groups. The biggest question is: Can you obtain the same quality of results through a 90-minute online chat as you can with a two-hour in-person conversation? The best answer is Thus, if you’re playing by the numbers, European is clearly the way to go. that there are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Online focus groups began to hit their stride 15 to 20 years ago, ...
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Weekly News Kick Off: Half of All Feds Looking for Jobs Outside of Government; OASIS Award Imminent; and New Contract Win

February 24, 2014

Welcome to the Weekly News Kick Off from the FedPulse blog.  One of the biggest stories last week came from Market Connections, the publisher of FedPulse, on the new PulsePoll™ showing half of federal employees considering employment outside of government.  In addition, we have stories about federal travel and the soon-to-be awarded OASIS contract. Be sure to check out this and much more in the latest Weekly News Kick Off.  Happy Monday. New Study: Half of Federal Employees Consider Looking for Jobs Outside of Government Pay freezes, the current political environment and the prospect of a better salary in the private sector ...
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New Study: Half of Federal Employees Consider Looking for Jobs Outside of Government

February 20, 2014

Pay freezes, the current political environment and the prospect of a better salary in the private sector are driving 50 percent of federal employees to consider employment outside of government, according to a new PulsePoll™ of government employees by Market Connections, Inc. and FierceGovIT. The online poll of 370 government employees found frustration with the current work environment and concerns about a “brain drain” affecting mission effectiveness as experienced government employees retire and/or seek opportunities in the private sector. “It is clear that the recent political environment and agency staffing practices are affecting federal morale,” said Lisa Dezzutti, president and CEO of ...
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Winning Contractor: Sotera Defense Wins $60 Million Task Order to Support Sentinel Engineering and Sustainment Support Services for the FBI

February 19, 2014

From cybersecurity to mobile platform integration and intelligence analysis, Sotera Defense Solutions offers a wide-range of services and solutions that support critical mission for defense, intelligence, law enforcement and homeland security organizations. The company recently made headlines when it announced that it won a $60 million task order for the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Sentinel Engineering and Sustainment Support. Under the task order, Sotera Defense will provide the Information Technology Branch (ITB) Information Technology Engineering Division (ITED) with engineering and sustainment support for Sentinel, the FBI’s next generation information and case management program. “Sotera is honored to be awarded this contract with ...
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