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CPARS Ratings Are Falling: Service Declining or Standards Increasing?

April 5, 2018

Do You Really Know How You’re Performing? Federal contractor performance ratings over the past eight years have fallen from “excellent” to only “satisfactory”. A recent study by Ultimus Performance LLC (UPLLC) identifies a clear and consistent decline in federal contractor performance (CPARS) ratings and a growing proportion of “satisfactory” ratings at the expense of “exceptional” ratings. Many questions arise: Has LPTA lowered quality? “Technically Acceptable” doesn’t really push vendors to provide the highest quality. Does the CPARS system make it easier to check a “satisfactory” box, knowing that being satisfactory doesn’t REALLY hurt anyone? Is this what they really think about their vendor partners? ... Read more

DOD Cybersecurity and Modernization Efforts Most Likely to Move Forward with New Federal Budget

March 27, 2018

In February, the Bi-Partisan Budget Act of 2018 (BBA) passed, lifting caps on spending and paved the way for significant increases in discretionary spending across defense and civilian agencies. With the passing of BBA 2018, the defense discretionary funding cap was increased by $80 billion in FY2018 and $85 billion in FY 2019. What does this budget infusion mean for defense agency decision-makers and procurement officers? How should government contractors serving this industry prepare? To find out, Market Connections conducted a PulsePoll™ of federal defense agency technology leaders to find out. DOD is ready to move technology projects forward. Currently, eight ... Read more

Winning Contractor: DHS Selects Booz Allen Hamilton Prime Contractor for $621 Million Task Order to Further Develop CDM

March 6, 2018

Market Connections congratulates Booz Allen Hamilton for being selected the first prime contractor of the next chapter of Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) government-wide Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program. This $621 million award is for a six-year task order to monitor and protect federal networks under the Dynamic and Evolving Federal Enterprise Network Defense (DEFEND) Program. For two years, Booz Allen hast supported the DHS CDM efforts, helping 13 agencies deploy cybersecurity tools to better protect four million computers. CDM DEFEND expands capabilities of the CDM Program to include: cybersecurity coverage for cloud and mobile devices; automated capabilities for incident response and ... Read more

Strong Employer Brand Critical to Recruit Top Talent

February 15, 2018

How do you differentiate yourself from competitors to attract the very best talent? How do you assure candidates that your organization stands above the rest? Together with Monster Government Solutions, Market Connections surveyed HR professionals and hiring managers in the public sector and at government contractors to find out how and what they are doing to attract and retain top talent at their organizations. The result: Perception of your overall brand matters and the messaging coming out from that brand must be customized to the audience. For general marketers, this is not “new”, but often in HR and recruiting, branding and messaging ... Read more

Attract Federal Audiences to Your Events: Event Preferences

February 8, 2018

Should we create a special event for our customers, or should we host a breakout session at a trade show our customers may already be attending? What kind of trade shows should we be participating in? Does it matter if it’s commercial or government focused? Should we save some dollars and just host a webinar instead? Event marketing isn’t easy, or cheap. Our clients want the answers that will help them get the most out of their event marketing budget. Over the years, Market Connections learned about event attendance in signature studies such as the Federal Media Marketing Study and the Federal ... Read more

Winning Contractor: Accenture Federal Services Wins $62 Million VBA Contract

January 30, 2018

Market Connections would like to congratulate our client, Accenture Federal Services for winning a contract with the Veterans Benefits Administration to upgrade and enhance its information technology infrastructure and provide a variety of services for the configuration and enhancement of VBA’s Salesforce-based applications, which are used by VBA employees, Veterans, their families and other stakeholders. This estimated $62 million contract includes a one-year base period of performance with four one-year options. The contract supports VBA lines of business, including: Compensation; Pension and Fiduciary; Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment; Insurance; Loan Guaranty; and Education. Among the VBA projects slated for functional enhancements are the ... Read more

Attract Federal Audiences to Your Events: Factors and Barriers in Event Attendance

January 18, 2018

Have you ever heard from your customers that the reason they didn’t attend your event was because of a lack of budget? Or that there were travel restrictions in place? Or that they just couldn’t get a manager’s approval? Well, you are not alone. According to Market Connections’ study from late 2017, these reasons were top of the list excuses from federal IT decision makers as to why they did not attend events. The study, designed to better identify those factors that drew IT decision makers to industry events and understand the barriers they faced, provided insights that can help you ... Read more

Federal Market Trends Reflect What Is Seen Across the General Market

November 29, 2017

At Market Connections, we often tell our clients that buyers and decision-makers sitting in federal government agencies are people, too. They are often affected by general trends as much as the person who lives next door. Result trends we found in our recent Federal Media and Marketing Study are also being found and reported by additional parties both in the federal space and the general market. Over the past 18 months, the media has come under increased scrutiny. False or exaggerated stories have been spread through social media, often by nefarious actors. This “fake news” may have damaged the credibility of ... Read more

WEBINAR: BEST PRACTICES: Attracting Federal Audiences to Your Live Events

November 16, 2017

Events are a key channel for lead generation among government contractors, yet many are struggling with attracting the right federal decision-makers to their events. Over the years, Market Connections has tracked the rise and fall of event attendance in larger federal studies, while hypothesizing reasons for any upward or downward trends. To better understand the “why,” we conducted a study to gauge factors and preferences that drive federal IT decision-makers to attend live events. PRESENTER: Aaron Heffron, Market Connections, Inc. – Executive Vice President Fill out the form to download the webinar. var ss_form = {'account': 'MzawMDE1BkIA', 'formID': 'Mzc3M09MsjDTNTcyMNM1SU5M0rVMAhKGBmkmZqYm5qYmFmkA'}; ... Read more

Key Takeaways from the 2017 FMMS Shape Marketers’ Media Plans

November 9, 2017

Last week, Market Connections revealed results from the 9th annual Federal Media and Marketing Study (FMMS) followed by a moderated panel of expert federal marketers. During this discussion, panelists noted key data points from this year’s study results they felt were particularly interesting as they plan their 2018 marketing strategies: In the DC market, federal decision-makers spend an average of 46-55 minutes commuting to and from work. This is a perfect opportunity to engage with your audience when they are most captive. Those who take private transportation listen to the radio: music (55%), news (46%) or talk radio (38%). Those who ... Read more


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