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The Impact of Sequestration Less Severe to Date

July 11, 2013

The Defense Department (DoD) begins furloughs of nearly 650,000 civilian workers this week, amounting to a 20 percent cut in pay for many of those affected. While Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel lowered the number of mandatory days off from 22 to 11 in May, the furloughs will last for up to three months and disrupt operations at installations nationwide. The Obama administration warned of sequestration doom and gloom when the cuts went into effect. They predicted long waits at airport security due to cuts at the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), weakened security due to furloughs of prison guards, and the ... Read more

Winning Contractor: HP Team Wins U.S. Department of the Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) Contract

July 10, 2013

HP is a global IT player that helps government deliver public value by enabling them to successfully achieve policy and mission outcomes, optimize costs and do more with less, as well as meet expectations for citizen service. The company recently made major federal IT headlines when it was awarded the U.S. Department of the Navy’s (DON) Next Generation Enterprise Network (NGEN) contract, which is valued at $3.45 billion. Over a decade ago, the Navy began a forward-leaning transformation of its many IT networks to an integrated and secure net-centric operations environment.  HP drove much of these efforts and the contract actually expired ... Read more

Misconceptions About Market Research

July 9, 2013

Dave Glantz, Director of Research Services, Market Connections, Inc. Five Market Research Myths and Why They are False Market research provides B2B and B2G executives with the opportunity to utilize it as a business intelligence tool for driving performance improvements. Unfortunately, many misconceptions exist about market research. This article discusses five common myths and how they can be “myth busted.”  We also cover how partnering with a reputable market research firm will put you at a solid competitive advantage. Myth #1: Our industry is very complex. A research firm wouldn’t understand our business and couldn’t possibly help us. Leading research firms dedicate time ... Read more

Weekly News Kick Off: How Bad is the Sequester?; IMF Criticizes Sequestration (Again); DoD Furloughs; and Much More

July 8, 2013

Welcome to the Weekly News Kick Off post from the FedPulse blog.  It seems the impact of sequestration is still being debated—with some saying the sky did not fall, while others believe the exact opposite.  Either way, we saw a steady stream of new contract wins announced by federal contractors last week.  Be sure to check out this and much more in the Weekly News Kick Off.  Happy Monday. Is the Sequester Really that Bad? Before sequestration took effect, the Obama administration issued specific — and alarming — predictions about what it would bring. But, has it been that bad? Yes, the Sequester ... Read more

The Fourth of July Brings Celebration to the Nation’s Capital

July 3, 2013

From watching the fireworks on the National Mall to backyard barbecues with your closest family and friends, the Fourth of July is always a time to celebrate in the Washington, DC region. Independence Day brings people together to kick back, relax and escape from their daily routines. Let’s focus on a few of the many activities to take advantage of in the national capital region. To begin the day, catch the hometown Washington Nationals play the Milwaukee Brewers in the national pastime, with the first pitch at 11:05 AM. Another notable daytime activity is the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, which features performances, ... Read more

Q&A: Mark Allen of K3 Strategic Development Group Shares Business Growth Ideas for Government Contractors

July 2, 2013

K3 Strategic Development Group works directly with government contractors to help them increase sales, enter new markets and increase their overall valuations.  The company offers a unique approach to helping many smaller- and mid-sized contractors to grow in a highly strategic and aggressive manner. The FedPulse editorial team recently spoke with Mark Allen, Executive Vice President at K3 Strategic Development Group, about the company’s services for the government contractor marketplace. FedPulse: Tell us about K3 Strategic Development Group. Allen:  We are definitely trying to be outside of the box with how we offer our services. K3 is a full solutions partner for selected ... Read more

Weekly News Kick Off: Senate Preps for Sequestration Fight; Nine More Years of Budget Austerity; HP Wins NGEN Contract; and Much More

July 1, 2013

Welcome to the Weekly News Kick Off post from the FedPulse blog.  It seems that the next big battle in the Senate will be sequestration.  Let’s hope the right policies are passed, because Politico reminded us that these austerity measures would last for nine years.  Though all hope is not lost.  Lockheed, Northrop Raytheon, SAIC and General Dynamics all announced new contract wins.  Be sure to check out this news and much more in today’s Weekly News Kick Off.  Happy Monday. Senate Prepares for a Fight Over Sequestration Senators are drawing battle lines in what is likely to be the next big ... Read more

Social Media Gives Rise to Citizen Engagement

June 27, 2013

The Boston Marathon bombings showcased Twitter as a source for real-time citizen engagement between authorities and the public. When the Boston police Twitter handle, @Boston_Police, announced, “CAPTURED!!! The Hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And Justice has won. Suspect in custody,” the city of Boston and the watching world took a deep sigh of relief after following the 48-hour search for bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev online in real time. Deputy Superintendent John Daly runs the official Twitter account of the Boston police. In addition to first reporting the suspect had been captured, he was also responsible ... Read more

Winning Contractor: INDUS Achieves True Differentiation Though Empowered Employees and Customer-Centric Business Approaches

June 26, 2013

With a 20-year history of providing key IT solution to federal civilian, homeland security and defense customers, INDUS is a mid-tier government contractor who has differentiated itself though its culture of innovation and fully empowered employees. Founded by Shiv Krishnan, Chairman & CEO, who emigrated to the U.S. from India in 1979 with only $500.00 in his pocket and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. His story is a testament to how tenacity, innovation and a drive to keep customers happy at all times spells business success in the U.S. Fast-forward to today and INDUS has become a key player in the ... Read more

The Looming Fiscal 2014 Budget Talks Keep Agencies in Limbo

June 25, 2013

While talk of sequestration has not been making as many headlines as it was at the beginning of 2013, that does not mean a heated FY 2014 budget battle is not looming. As a matter of fact, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter stated that the Pentagon was, “prepared for a wide range of budget contingencies,” depending on how the fiscal situation shakes out in Washington. Since budget negotiations remain uncertain, the Pentagon is preparing one based on the Obama administration’s fiscal 2014 budget request and a second scenario if the White House and Congress cannot come to an agreement. This comes ... Read more


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