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New Poll Provides Candid Insights Into Government’s Use of Mobile Solutions

May 10, 2013

A new Market Connections-FierceGovernment IT PulsePoll™ shows that federal employees believe mobile devices make them more productive. 300 federal employees responded to the survey in March and April, with 60 percent of the participants being federal civilian employees.  Seventeen percent work for the Defense Department or a military agency.  Approximately 22 percent are in the legislative branch and about three percent are in the judicial branch. Below are the key findings. Enhanced Productivity More than 80% of government employees agree that a mobile device makes them more productive and is critical to doing their job. Seventy-two percent say they spend more time working while ... Read more

WHITE PAPER: Federal IT Challenges During Times of Austerity

May 9, 2013

With government budget austerity measures going into place, it’s more important than ever to employ technology and innovation to solve problems, optimize efficiency and drive results. Recent government market research from Market Connections shows how agencies will experience considerable transformation as cyber security, big data analytics, mobility, social business and cloud solutions influence government IT and communications in 2013. Be sure to download a copy of this white paper, and learn about the changing landscape of federal IT and how government contractors can leverage these insights to create new offerings that match government’s technology needs. Read more

WHITE PAPER: Contractors Use Customer Satisfaction Research to Win More Contracts

May 8, 2013

Government contractors are using the results of third-party customer satisfaction research to win more recompetes and new contracts, increase competitiveness and achieve growth during austerity and sequestration. As part of a comprehensive series of white papers from Market Connections, new insights are available that will help contractors win more new contracts and enhance customer satisfaction with current government contracts . Be sure to download a copy of this white paper, and learn about how customer satisfaction research validates what you think you know, and helps to uncover brewing issues you may not know about, within government contracts. Read more

Q&A: Darren House, Technologist, UNICOM Government (formerly GTSI), Discusses Commoditization of Federal IT and LPTA Contracts

May 8, 2013

As the government sector is dealing with a new era of budget cuts, we are seeing the rise of LPTA contracts that focus solely on price.  Subsequently, the perception that government IT solutions are commoditized is becoming more prevalent. As such, we need to shift this perception and create more dialogue between industry and government where federal IT will no longer be considered a commodity, but be seen as a true driver of business value. We recently spoke with Darren House, Technologist-Data Center for UNICOM Government (formerly GTSI), who shared these key insights and much more. FedPulse: Tell us about what is going ... Read more

Where’s the Innovation? Fed Workers Not Encouraged to Innovate

May 7, 2013

The foundation for a more effective, modernized government lies in the ability to continually embrace new ideas and innovations that will help advance the mission. As we have seen over the past 17 years, government success has rested firmly on the shoulders of new technologies – from the rise of the dotcom era to post-9/11 national security solutions to today’s data- and cloud-driven government. In addition, with all of us facing more austere times, the right innovations are key to ensuring mission success even when budgets are in peril. So, wouldn’t we expect that government employees are empowered and motivated to be as ... Read more

Monday News Kick Off: Defense Spending Cuts Lowered Job Gains; Gov CIOs Support IT Reform; and Lockheed Celebrates 50 Years in Huntsville

May 6, 2013

Welcome to the Monday news kick-off post from the FedPulse blog.  The fallout of sequestration continues to take effect with the latest jobs report being impacted by defense cuts.  Though as always, there are many new contract wins happening, and the Pentagon is still up-in-the-air regarding furloughs.  Clearly it’s still a confusing and uncertain time for all of us.  Happy Monday! DOD Furlough Decision Expected Soon Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is expected to reach a decision soon on the number of furlough days DOD employees will have to take – or whether to furlough at all. Federal Media Study Breakfast Thursday, May 16 Gannett Conference Center 8:00-10:00 ... Read more

Market Connections Federal Media and Marketing Study to Showcase Federal IT Budget Increases

May 2, 2013

Knowing where and how to reach senior decision makers at civilian and defense agencies is a vital component to every marketing effort aimed at the federal government. Market Connections’ unique government market research study, the Federal Media and Marketing Study, tracks the media use of federal decision-makers and allows marketers to slice and dice demographic, job function or purchasing data against the actual media usage of government buyers. This study helps marketing and communications professionals targeting the government by: Helping marketers reach government executives in all the right places via print, online, mobile, social or broadcast TV and radio media Identifying where ... Read more

Q&A: Paul Craig, Rolls-Royce President Customer Services – Defense, Discusses Offerings for U.S. Defense Sector and More

May 1, 2013

Although a company not often synonymous with defense contracting, Rolls-Royce powers nearly 2,800 fixed and rotary-wing aircraft currently in service with all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. The company recently announced that it was awarded a $97.3 million contract from the U.S. Air Force to support its C-130J transport fleet in 2013. The work for this MissionCare™ contract includes logistics and program management support, engineering services, spares and technical data support. Following is an exclusive Q&A with Paul Craig, Rolls-Royce President Customer Services – Defense, who discusses the company’s expertise in the U.S. defense sector, as well as this new U.S. ... Read more

Telephone Vs. Online Surveys: Which is Better?

April 30, 2013

When using market research to gather insights, determining the best survey method can be confusing. Moreover, in today’s austere business climate, it is understandable for businesses to also weigh the affordability of online versus phone surveys. But while the choice between a phone or an online survey is chiefly driven by cost and timing, money should not be the only driving factor. For example, this decision should also be guided by whom you want to survey, and the nature or sensitivity of the topic. Go to the full article — including ... Read more

Monday News Kick Off: Senators Aim to Cancel Sequestration; FAA Furloughs End; Pentagon Awards $225 Million in Contracts; Raytheon Posts Solid Quarter; and Much More

April 29, 2013

Welcome to the Monday news kick-off post from the FedPulse blog.  With many experiencing flight delays because of furloughs, the idea of sequestration is starting to get real:  so much so that the Senate agreed to end the FAA furloughs and several senators actually want to cancel sequestration.  On the other side of the coin, contractors keep winning new contracts and Raytheon is posting solid earnings Happy Monday! Senate Approves Plan To End FAA Furloughs, Tower Closings The Senate unanimously agreed to allow the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to shift $253 million from other accounts so it can end furloughs and keep towers ... Read more


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