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Using Actionable Research to Prioritize in the Face of Sequestration

March 12, 2013

Monica Mayk Parham, Marketing Director, Market Connections, Inc. With austerity measures going into place, contractors have an opportunity to help government customers prioritize activities and programs, and can apply the same knowledge to their own businesses. If uncertainty continues to rule your customers’ decision-making, market research can help to pinpoint true needs, biggest challenges, top priorities and best opportunities to make a difference for government agencies, even during austere times. Market-based insights will inform both your product and solution development and your government customers’ decision-making about budgets, programs and new procurements. Research can give you a competitive advantage, as well as ... Read more

Monday News Kick Off: Sequestration Hitting Defense Contractors; Fate of Government Pay Freezes Uncertain; Tidal Wave of Furlough Appeals and Much More

March 11, 2013

Welcome to the Monday news kick-off post from the FedPulse blog.  With many us thinking “what’s next” when it comes to sequestration, uncertainties still abound.  Furlough notices are going out, the fate of the government pay freeze is still up in the air and jobs reports show the sequester came at the worst possible time.  Be sure to read about this and much more in this week’s Monday News Kick Off post.  Happy Monday. Sequestration Budget Cuts Hitting Defense Contractors U.S. defense contractors are already feeling the sequestration cuts. Bloomberg Government predicts a total $30.8 billion hit for contractors. The U.S. Jobs ... Read more

Defense Intelligence Worldwide Cancelled: Government Events Down, But Budget Savings Up

March 7, 2013

According to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) last week, efforts to reduce travel and increase oversight in travel and conference spending have saved the federal government roughly $2 billion from fiscal 2010 to fiscal 2012. Earlier this year, a Market Connections poll showed 38% of government employees plan to attend fewer educational and trade events in FY2013 than last fiscal year.  The majority of poll respondents said budgetary and agency travel restrictions are the cause, and just over one-third of respondents reported that management would not allow them to attend events in 2013. The silver lining is that government is ... Read more

Social Media Week 2013 Brought the #SocialGov Summit to the GSA

March 6, 2013

February 18th – 22nd brought Social Media Week to Washington, DC. Speakers, panels, workshops and events celebrated tech and social media in the Nation’s Capital, as well as internationally in 9 other cities, which included Miami and New York City in the U.S. At the five-day Washington-area event, the federal government provided insights into its social data-driven innovation at #SocialGov Summit 2013, which highlighted what was deemed the forward-thinking citizen experience. A panel of government social media directors and managers indicated that 2013 would be the year of social government. In all levels of government, these responsive digital capabilities are aiming to ... Read more

Sequestration Happened … Now What?

March 5, 2013

It goes without saying that the sequester that went into effect last Friday is not very popular.   According to a new survey of economists, a sound plan is needed to reduce the budget deficit over the next 10 years, but wholesale government spending cuts should not be the core of the program. The National Association for Business Economics’ poll of 196 members found more than 70 percent opposed the full implementation of $85 billion in federal budget cuts.  These are economists, not pundits representing their political parties and affiliations, mind you. Both the president and House Speaker John Boehner have called sequestration ... Read more

Monday News Kick Off: Sequestration Hammer Comes Down; Impact on Pentagon to be Immediate and Obvious; Issa Offers Alternative and Other News

March 4, 2013

Welcome to the Monday news kick-off post from the FedPulse blog.  The sequestration hammer came down last Friday, and the country is still reeling.  What’s next?  The impact may be immediate and obvious, but again, uncertainties abound as calls continue for lawmakers to find alternatives.  Be sure to read the full Monday News Kick Off post to give you all the insights you need during these challenging times. Pentagon Leaders Say Sequestration Impact Will Be Immediate and Obvious Newly installed Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the uncertainties surrounding the impending across-the-board budget cuts “will continue to cause this department to put ... Read more

Sequestration: It’s Actually Happening

March 1, 2013

Today President Obama basically said he would not force a government shutdown in late March to help resolve the impasse with the GOP. Although Obama spent an hour with Congressional leaders this morning, not much came of it. “At a time when our businesses have finally begun to get some traction, hiring new workers, bringing jobs back to America, we shouldn’t be making a series of dumb, arbitrary cuts to things that businesses depend on and workers depend on, like education and research and infrastructure and defense,” Obama said from the White House Briefing room. After the meeting, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) ... Read more

The Final Countdown: Clock Ticks Down on Possible Sequestration Deal

February 28, 2013

In the last few weeks, we have seen several attempts to take the defense cuts out of sequestration. Yesterday was no exception. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) submitted a bill Wednesday night that would give President Obama until March 15 to submit a plan to make administrative cuts differently; however, the President rejected it. “You don’t want to have to choose between, let’s see, ‘do I close funding for the disabled kid, or the poor kid?’” the President said at Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia on Tuesday. “‘Do I close this Navy shipyard or some other one?’ When you’re doing things in ... Read more

Big Data Technology Leadership Series Event Showcases Key Government Insights

February 28, 2013

Yesterday, GTSI and Federal Computer Week hosted the Technology Leadership Series event on “Big Data Analytics in the New Budget Reality” at the Hamilton Live in Washington, D.C. The afternoon-long event brought together speakers from across civilian and defense agencies, as well as top industry data analytics providers. In his opening keynote, Simon Szykman, Department of Commerce chief information officer, showcased examples of how agencies like NOAA, USPTO and the Census Bureau use massive volumes of data. Each day, NOAA collects 6 terabytes of data from radar, satellite and other sensors and uses complex calculations to predict and manage hurricanes.   The volume of data ... Read more

President Obama Visits Navy Shipyard in Front of Sequestration

February 27, 2013

Yesterday, only three days before the sequester is set to take effect, President Obama spoke at Newport News Shipbuilding, where the country’s nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are built, to call attention to the loss of economic activity and jobs that will occur under sequestration. Newport News Shipbuilding has revenues of $3.5 billion per year and a supply base of 5,000 companies located in all 50 states. Joining Obama for the short trip aboard Air Force One were two Virginia congressmen, Democrat Bobby Scott and Republican Scott Rigell. “The sequester will weaken America’s economic recovery,” Obama told the audience at Newport News Shipbuilding. “It will ... Read more


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