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Best of 2012: The Cloud

December 27, 2012

From the Department of Veterans Affairs developing a series of cloud-based internal and external mobile apps to the Intelligence Community designing a single cloud network for analysts to access massive volumes of data, the cloud took off in 2012. According to AOL Government’s Best of 2012 series that focuses on cloud computing, cloud sharing among federal, state and local governments as well as shared services will account for 18% of the government cloud market and create new business models for IT procurement and provisioning in 2013.   In addition, according to the 2012 Government Contractor Study from Market Connections, Inc., contractors see ... Read more

Merry Christmas Eve: NORAD Santa Brings Holiday Magic Through Social Media

December 24, 2012

The FedPulse blog would like to wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season.  One of our favorite ways of celebrating Christmas Eve is by keeping tabs on good old Saint Nicholas through the official NORAD Santa Tracker. Although NORAD Santa has been making the headlines recently for switching to Bing Maps, we would like to focus on just how forward-thinking this effort has become from a social media perspective.  With a vibrant Twitter feed, a ‘Santa cam’ and a robust YouTube channel, NORAD Santa has become the backbone for children and their families to track Santa as he makes ... Read more

2013 Economic Outlook: A Mix of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

December 20, 2012

During the most uncertain of business times, insights from experienced regional business leaders can offer perspective and clarity as we proceed into a new year. And, let’s face it, clarity is very much needed right now.  With sequestration looming and no ‘fiscal cliff’ deal yet in place, contractors and government employees alike wonder if the sky is really going to fall on the DMV region in a couple of weeks.  If you stay tuned to our weekly news round ups, it seems the answer is ‘yes.’ At last week’s Economic Outlook Event hosted by the Washington Business Journal and the Fairfax Chamber ... Read more

Whether it is B2B or B2G, Social Media Marketing is Gaining Steam

December 18, 2012

It’s no surprise to see that businesses are finally catching up to consumers when it comes to social media use. A study of business-to-business marketers earlier this year showed 56% of businesses surveyed acquired new partnerships through social media, with over 93% of the participants targeting their audience through online channels, where they can engage the consumer directly and quickly. Fast Company’s November 29 article on B2B marketing emphasized the shift from passive “likes” on sites like Facebook to social media marketing paying dividends for well-established brands such as construction manufacturer Caterpillar. Caterpillar Social Media Manager Kevin Espinosa said, “Social media has ... Read more

Monday Morning News Kick Off: Pentagon — Sequestration ‘Worse Than Thought;’ GSA Helps Agencies Prepare for Cuts; and Northrop Grumman Finds Formula to Keep Investors Happy

December 17, 2012

Welcome to the Monday morning news kick off post from the FedPulse blog.  With no ‘fiscal cliff’ deal in place (yet), the government sector is still facing a high level of uncertainty.  For many of us, this feeling of unease will continue through the holidays until a last-minute deal is struck.  In the meantime, you can take comfort in knowing that contracts are still being awarded and companies like Booz Allen and Northrop Grumman have positive news to share.  Happy Monday! Pentagon:  Sequestration Worse Than Thought As the Pentagon begins its long-delayed process of planning for sequestration cuts, leaders are concluding that ... Read more

Federal Contractors Seeking Opportunities in Adjacent Markets in Face of Sequestration

December 14, 2012

This week, Market Connections, Inc. issued a poll that highlighted federal contractors’ perceptions of sequestration and if they believe it will actually happen. Surprisingly, most contractors were split, with 36 percent believing that sequestration is unlikely to happen, while 34 percent believe the budget cuts are somewhat likely. With 46 percent of contractors reporting they are doing nothing to prepare for sequestration until the budget issue is resolved, how are the remaining 54 percent preparing for sequestration? According to the poll, these contractors are proactively seeking new opportunities in adjacent markets, which include healthcare (38 percent), state and local government (29 percent), ... Read more

Adm. Thad Allen On Innovation and Re-Imagining Homeland Security

December 13, 2012

Innovation will continue to be the main driver for national security, and we need to find better ways of identifying these capabilities for the homeland security arena. This was one of the key themes Admiral Thad Allen (USCG-Ret.), senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton and former Commandant of the Coast Guard, recently discussed with AOL Government. Be sure to check out a video of AOL Government contributor Dan Verton’s discussion with Admiral Allen:     Verton’s conversation with Admiral Allen also coincided with the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  In addition, to mark this occasion, Booz Allen ... Read more

New Market Connections Study: Contractors, Split on Sequestration, Are “Waiting it Out”

December 12, 2012

Without a doubt, 2012 has been a tumultuous year for the federal contracting sector.  The latter half of the year has been dominated by the impending storm of sequestration, which is set to kick in on January 2. Do contractors really believe that sequestration will happen?  Or will a last-minute deal in Congress stop us from going over the fiscal cliff? According to a recent Market Connections poll, 36 percent of government contractors believe sequestration is unlikely to happen, while 34 percent believe the budget cuts are somewhat likely.  Meanwhile, a quarter of contractors believe sequestration is very likely to occur, with ... Read more

Q&A: Patrick Nealon, Director at Deloitte Consulting, Discusses Innovative Workforce Management Solutions for Government

December 11, 2012

In addition to the pending budget cuts – with mission requirements staying constant – the federal government is facing the combined challenge of increased employee retirements and fewer young people joining their ranks. How can government confront this issue proactively? We were fortunate enough to speak with Patrick Nealon, who leads Deloitte’s Talent, Performance and Rewards practice for the federal market.  Patrick helps government clients realize the potential of their people through talent strategies, learning and development and other rewards. Patrick had some very forward-thinking insights to share with us about how government can tackle this challenge head-on. FedPulse: Tell us about the state ... Read more

Monday Morning News Kick Off: DoD Preps for Sequestration; OMB Touts Contract Reductions; MorganFranklin Sells Security Business; and NORAD Santa

December 10, 2012

Welcome to the Monday morning news kick off post from the FedPulse blog.  The Department of Defense is preparing for sequestration and the OMB is touting reduction in contracts. Yes, we are officially heading into rough water.  Though all is not dire.  Defense contractors are still winning new contracts and there’s always NORAD Santa. Read about this and much more in the FedPulse weekly news round up.  Happy Monday! DoD Begins Planning for the Fiscal Cliff The Defense Department received guidance from the OMB to officially begin planning for the spending cuts expected from sequestration. DoD Officials on Budget Cuts:  Civilian Workforce Should ... Read more


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