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Mobility Push Intensifies for E-Government

July 25, 2012

Mobility push intensifies for e-government (via FCW) The public has gone mobile, and experts say the government should redouble its efforts to become mobile-friendly. “There is so much innovation happening in the private sector around mobile, and the federal government is playing catch up,” said Dave Lewan, vice president of public sector business… Read more

NIST Mobile Security Guidelines: Next Step in Meeting Federal Workers’ Mobile Needs

July 25, 2012

Recently, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released its draft recommendation for securing mobile devices for government agencies, which focuses on the development of centralized management technologies for both agency-owned and personal mobile devices. This comes on the heels of the new Digital Government Strategy — launched earlier this summer by Steven VanRoekel, the Federal Chief Information Officer — which focused on building government solutions that deliver better digital services to U.S. citizens.   On top of this, the Department of Defense also released its mobile device strategy, which outlines key priorities for speeding secure adoption of government-issued and employee-owned ... Read more

Q&A: Kevin Arsham, VP, Account Director at TargetCast tcm, Brings Targeted Media Approach to the Business-to-Government Industry

July 24, 2012

Many government contractors rely on their outside marketing and advertising agencies not only to develop smart creative, but also to place influential advertising, media coverage and thought leadership content in front of  government decision makers. While many marketing professionals selling to government often have a broad understanding of the media outlets and platforms for reaching these federal leaders, it can be difficult to precisely target the right government executives.  In addition, with ever-tightening budgets and a push for higher ROI, contractors cannot afford to waste precious marketing dollars on best guesses. FedPulse recently spoke with Kevin Arsham, VP/Account Director at TargetCast tcm. ... Read more

Monday Morning News Kick Off: Sequestration a Big Job Killer; Mobility is Key to DoD Future; and L-3 Receives Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award

July 23, 2012

Welcome to the Monday morning news kick off post from the FedPulse blog. The topic of sequestration was top-of-mind last week with a well-covered hearing on Hill and plenty of politicizing around it.  As such, we have compiled all the sequestration news you need, as well as other actionable government news to help you kick start the workweek.  Happy Monday. Sequester Blues: Congress Faces Buyer’s Remorse on Defense Cuts Lawmakers are pointing their fingers at each other when it comes to sequestration. Execs: Sequester is a Big Jobs Killer Defense-industry executives warned a House panel on Wednesday the nation will lose hundreds of thousands ... Read more

Free Webcast: How Federal Agencies Can Overcome the Barriers to Mobility — And Engage Citizens More Effectively

July 20, 2012

One-third of federal executives involved with mobile technology say their agencies are now “walking” or “running” with mobile technology.  That’s according to a new government-wide research study about to be released by AOL Government, from a survey of 300 executives from 48 federal agencies. But a number of barriers remain.  And while government managers believe that mobile technology can contribute significantly toward improved productivity and savings, the need to invest in new business processes as well as the technology is critical to seeing the full potential of mobile technology in government. Join AOL Government Editorial Director Wyatt Kash and guests for a FREE ... Read more

Not Going Anywhere Soon: Social Media for State and Local Government

July 19, 2012

Cynthia Poole, Director of Research Services, and Melissa Burgess, Research Analyst, at Market Connections were recently asked to provide a guest post for GovWin on the topic of state and local government’s advanced usage of social media. Deltek and Market Connections recently collaborated on data sharing and analysis for our recent social media in a GovWin state and local government report.  Following is their GovWin post. According to Malcolm Gladwell, key trends in society reach a “tipping point” when ideas, behaviors, messages and products behave just like outbreaks of infectious diseases.  When these societal epidemics take hold, these concepts can reach ... Read more

Learning to Fly: Don’t Let Your Government Programs Collect Dust

July 18, 2012

Dave Glantz, Director Research Services, Market Connections, Inc. NASA recently issued a report about how it failed to utilize a lessons–learned system to assess the outcomes of a program, which was also highlighted on GovLoop in the form of a pretty dynamic conversation. Reading this piece, and being a research professional in the government space, I was reminded of the vital role research plays in government program performance.  Agencies need the right tools and insights for both assessing performance and taking the actionable steps toward improvement. These tools exist in the form of research that delivers actionable recommendations. Without actionable program performance ... Read more

Q&A: Greg August, Media Director at mcgarrybowen, Discusses Why Targeted Media Buying Works for Clients Like Northrop Grumman

July 17, 2012

Advertising and marketing agencies working in the government contacting sector are tasked with the challenge of both developing creative that resonates with government decision makers, as well as targeting these federal leaders with their messaging. This is no easy task.  While the DC marketplace is small, when compared to a national consumer advertising campaign, it can be difficult for advertising agencies to develop the right media buying strategies that work. In addition, as the competition is heating up amongst contractors for less government dollars, effectively reaching federal leaders and procurement officers is paramount. FedPulse recently spoke with Greg August, Media Director at ... Read more

Monday Morning News Kick Off: Fear of Sequestration; GSA’s Digital Services Innovation Center; NIST Mobile Guidelines; and SAIC Wins TSA Contract

July 16, 2012

Welcome to the Monday morning news kick off post from the FedPulse blog.  There was once a time when things slowed down during the ‘dog days’ of summer in the DC area.  Clearly this is no longer the case and, as such, there’s no shortage of news to kick start the workweek.  From more sequestration news to mobile security guidelines, we have a most comprehensive round up of government-related news for you.  Happy Monday. Fear of Sequestration:  The Pentagon has Become a Hostage in the War Over the Deficit The topic of sequestration and how it “threatens to rip the heart out ... Read more

Whether or Not Sequestration Happens, the Sky Will Fall on Government Contractors

July 12, 2012

Laurie Morrow, Director of Research Services, and Melissa Burgess, Research Analyst at Market Connections, Inc. If Congress approves spending levels that exceed the budget caps of the Budget Control Act of 2011, we could be entering into an era of sequestration in 2013.   Whether or not sequestration actually happens, there will still be deep budget cuts that will seem like the sky is actually falling on government contractors. This was our big takeaway from the “OMG—What If Sequestration Happens?” event hosted by Professional Services Council (PSC), the trade and advocacy organization for professional and technical services contractors that serve the federal ... Read more


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