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Why You Need to Invest in Your People

July 25, 2017

Every year, Fortune unveils a list of the 100 best places to work, and Great Places to Work analyzes the factors that land companies on this list. These factors are the kind of things companies and agencies are looking to uncover when they commission recruitment branding, because these are the very things that attract bright talent. A few weeks ago, we looked at the first prediction: a fairer place to work. Today, we look at the second prediction from the report. Prediction 2: Increased Focus on Developing All Employees Companies and agencies that thrive will invest in their people. All of them. The study ... Read more

Winning Contractor: CSRA Wins $498M DISA Contract

July 20, 2017

The U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) is taking the next step in its IT transformation by awarding CSRA a $498 million ceiling contract to support milCloud 2.0 Phase 1. Under the contract, CSRA will provide DoD with a private cloud infrastructure and leverage existing economies of scale with the company’s FedRAMP High offering ARC-P. The indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract contains a three-year base period that will run through June 8, 2020, followed by five one-year options. CSRA was one of several companies to submit proposals for the contract. The milCloud 2.0 Platform will allow DoD customers to deploy CSRA’s ... Read more

Does Agency Recruitment Branding Really Matter?

July 18, 2017

How can the government attract the best and brightest? It starts with good branding demonstrating why the agency is the place to work. The need is especially high now as many government employees are nearing retirement. How can the government appeal to young talent? Recruitment branding helps attract young talent and keeps them engaged. The private sector has excelled at recruitment branding for years. Industry leaders are not only innovative with product development, but have also created the type of brand that inspires people, making them sought-after employers that attract and retain the right talent. Yet, despite its importance, and the model private ... Read more

What Makes a Workplace Great?

July 13, 2017

Every year, Fortune unveils a list of the 100 best places to work. As researchers, we like to look at the data and see the trends. That’s why we are thrilled Great Places to Work analyzed the various factors that landed companies on this list to come up with three predictions for the workplace of the future (hint: a fair workplace is at the top of the list). When companies come to us for recruitment research, one of their key concerns is what type of culture will attract the best and brightest? A Deloitte survey reinforces: Nearly seven in ten executives ... Read more

Winning Government Contracts: the Best Practices Webinar Recap

July 11, 2017

Best Practices: Using Research to Position Your Company For Contract Wins from Market Connections, Inc. on Vimeo. Every person who competes for contracts understands the value of information: information about what the customer needs and wants, including information about competitors. For government contractors, there is a range of sources to gather this information. As the table below shows, all the sources have value as well as limitations. As a market research firm, we feel capture research is important to add into the data gathering mix. Recently, our Executive Vice President, Aaron Heffron, shared the importance of capture research to help contractors learn ... Read more

Top Innovator: Forbes Names CoStar Group One of the World’s Most Innovative Growth Companies

July 6, 2017

For the fourth consecutive year, Forbes added CoStar Group, Inc. to the Forbes World’s Most Innovative Growth Companies list. This honor highlights the company’s continued dedication to revolutionizing commercial real estate and multifamily industries by providing innovative software and solutions. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to unlocking new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike with our research intelligence and marketplace solutions,” said CoStar Group Founder and Chief Executive Officer Andrew Florance. “The role we play at the center of the $17 trillion dollar real estate industry is profound and requires constant innovation to stay ahead and continue to bring value to our clients.” In ... Read more

Top Innovator: Lookout Unveils The Mobile Risk Matrix

June 29, 2017

What if enterprises had a standard for measuring the spectrum of mobile risk that provided visibility into the prevalence of threats, software vulnerabilities, and behaviors & configurations? Well, now they do. In May, Lookout unveiled the Mobile Risk Matrix, a framework illustrating the array of mobile risks across app, device, network, and web & content vectors, to help enterprises accurately identify, assess, and secure their mobile workforce. Within the framework, Lookout provides new insights on the prevalence of enterprise mobile risks pulled from the Lookout Security Cloud, a massive data set of mobile code from existing enterprise and personal customers. The growing ... Read more

Three Tips for Winning Government Contracts

June 27, 2017

Our best practices webinar on using capture research to position for the win is tomorrow! As a preview, we thought we’d share three tips we collected over the years that have helped our clients win government contracts… 1. Be laser focused on specific agencies We hear time and again companies are being more selective not only about the contracts they bid on, but about the agencies they work with. Part of the reason comes down to building relationships; people work with people they know and trust. It is also about knowing which agencies most need your unique services. This focus means you’ll ... Read more

How do Government Contractors Position for the Win?

June 22, 2017

The long government procurement process is a challenge in marketing to the federal government. The 2016 Federal Government Contractor Study showed several ways federal contractors are responding to this and other marketing challenges to remain competitive. One of those tactics is thought leadership. Last week, we posted a link to research Edelman and LinkedIn conducted showing the real impact quality thought leadership has on winning business. Those results are consistent with what the Government Contractor Survey showed: Three quarters of respondents (75 percent) rated thought leadership materials as the most effective marketing tools. Senior executives agree—87 percent cite thought leadership materials ... Read more

Top Innovator: IBM Brings Identity-as-a-Service to Hybrid Cloud Environments

June 20, 2017

As workforces across industries become more mobile, identity management is an increasing challenge. To address that challenge, IBM has developed a new hybrid cloud service to manage how employees gain access to their preferred business applications. It’s called IBM Cloud Identity Connect. This Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) provides users with rapid access to thousands of popular cloud apps while enabling single sign-on (SSO) to their applications, whether from the cloud or on-premise. Managing and securing multiple identities across a business becomes more complex on mobile and IoT devices, desktop environments, and internet services. These complications are magnified as enterprises continue their journey to the cloud ... Read more


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