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Ensuring Your New Name Is The Right Name

April 27, 2012

Organizations are sometimes faced with an unavoidable need to change their name. Perhaps the need is driven by changes in the industry, an expansion of offerings and markets, a new strategic direction, or a merger or acquisition.  An organization’s name carries emotional connections and even equity with it – the amount of which depends on the brand power, reputation, and loyalty it has built in its markets over the years. As a result, selecting the new name that will represent the brand is an important strategic undertaking. Though it’s tempting to just pick a new name from a list of options ... Read more

Market Connections’ 2012 Federal Media and Market Study Captures Attention of Government Press

April 20, 2012

Last week, Market Connections officially launched its 4th annual Federal Media and Marketing Study at a standing-room only event at the Tyson’s Corner Marriott.  Several members of the government press attended and found the report’s findings worthy of covering. With the big news that “print is not dead” among federal decision makers, we would humbly agree this year’s study findings are very noteworthy – especially for those selling products and services to the government. Following are the major press coverage from the event: “Media use by feds” FedNewsRadio interview with Lisa Dezzutti, CEO and Founder of Market Connections.  Listen to the interview. “New trends ... Read more

Q&A: Nancy Nolting, Marketing Programs Manager at Intelsat General Corporation, Discusses the Value of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

April 16, 2012

Intelsat General Corporation is an industry leader when it comes to providing communications solutions to commercial, government, and military customers through fixed and mobile satellite systems and associated terrestrial communications services. As a large organization offering commercial satellite communications solutions, Intelsat General deals with significant government contracts that are highly complex, often involving multiple partners and many levels of decision-makers from both the civilian and military agencies. In 2010, Intelsat General Corporation began working with Market Connections to implement its first customer satisfaction survey, and repeated the program in 2011.  We  sat down with Nancy Nolting, Marketing Programs Manager at Intelsat General, ... Read more

Federal Decision Makers Still Reading the Printed Word and Attending Trade Shows

April 12, 2012

Today, more than 200 executives from the DC area convened at the fourth annual Federal Media and Marketing Study (FMMS) breakfast hosted by Market Connections to learn how to effectively reach government decision makers when selling to the federal market.  Knowing how to target those leaders who, ultimately, make the buying decisions can be highly challenging. Fortunately, the 2012 FMMS presented by Market Connections, in conjunction with Sara Leiman, vice president, media director at TMP Government, aggregated the use of print, television, radio, mobile, social media and Internet-based news media by senior federal employees.  With than 3,700 decision makers — the ... Read more

4th Annual Federal Media & Marketing Study to Help Marketers Refine Strategies for Selling to the Government

April 11, 2012

In today’s government contracting environment, companies and organizations selling products and services to the federal government need to keep every arrow in their marketing quivers as sharp as possible. One of the core components of marketing success in this new contracting environment is knowing where and how to reach senior decision-makers at civilian and defense agencies. This involves understanding exactly which print, radio, online and social media venues federal leaders embrace on a daily basis. Market Connections and Sara Leiman, VP Media Director at TMP Government, are excited to announce the release of this year’s Federal Media and Marketing Study on April 12, 2012, ... Read more

What’s New, What’s Next? Emerging Government Trends in 2012

April 11, 2012

Market Connections’ staff has reviewed several sources focusing on emerging government trends and topics for 2012. Similar to last year, we will focus on trends and recommendations discussed in conferences, roundtables, news articles, and Market Connections’ own studies. Continuing to do more with less? There is agreement among experts that the budget environment will continue to be an issue in 2012, making for an increasingly competitive landscape with limited market growth. Overall, government budgets for discretionary appropriations are down from 2011 to 2012. Air Force and Navy plan a 25% reduction in IT costs with emphasis on consolidating IT Acquisition (Fed Focus ... Read more

New Study Sees Opportunities in Federal Health IT

April 11, 2012

The federal healthcare IT market is undergoing rapid change, in part driven by technological advances and in part by policies mandating better sharing of medical data while maintaining patient privacy. These conditions are creating opportunities for companies to gain market share and stand out as leaders in health IT. Last fall, Market Connections completed a multi-client study of the federal health IT space to assess the competitive landscape within federal health agencies, uncover the “pain points” that a successful vendor can help to alleviate and identify the top federal healthcare IT initiatives and solutions being considered by decision makers and influencers. Respondents ... Read more

Push Polling Isn’t Proper Market Research

April 11, 2012

We are deep in the season of political polling, and regardless of anyone’s political leanings, it is easy for us all to get swept up in the who’s up and who’s down of the Republican primary battle. The scrutiny will only build as we get closer to November’s general election, when polls will try to predict everything from the presidential winner down to mayoral races all over the country. Political polling is a highly specialized niche of market research. At their best, market research surveys of all stripes allow us to gain insights into people’s behaviors and opinions, and tease out ... Read more

Deciding Between Phone and Online Surveys

April 11, 2012

Now that online research software and panels (pre-screened individuals who agree to participate in surveys in exchange for an incentive) are commonplace, our clients often ask whether surveys are best conducted on the internet or via phone.  It’s a good question, but unfortunately the answer isn’t clear cut.  Like most business decisions, it requires an assessment of the pros and cons of each option within the context of your specific circumstances. Telephone surveys offer several key advantages.  With the help of various automation tools, making random contact with a representative sample of the targeted population is fairly straightforward in many markets.  ... Read more

Maximizing Research Response Rates

April 11, 2012

An ever-present challenge in market research is maximizing survey response rates.  In fact, voicemails, caller id, gatekeepers and spam blockers are so pervasive, that it’s common for the response rate to be less than 10 percent of the study’s sample size.  Here are some must-haves for achieving an adequate population of completed surveys. A Quality List:  Optimally, the list is 5 to 10 times larger than the reasonable sample size established for the study, is tightly aligned to the target audience, includes names and titles, and has been recently cleaned and updated. Well-Prepared Interviewers:  Even highly experienced interviewers must be trained for ... Read more


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