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Government Mobility PulsePoll 2016


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In 2013, Market Connections conducted a Federal Mobility PulsePoll™ to gauge how critical mobile devices were to federal employees and how it affected their productivity. To follow up on the original study, in 2016 Market Connections polled 200 federal decision-makers who use mobile devices for work-related tasks. The objectives in repeating the PulsePoll™ were to view trends in mobile use for work-related tasks; follow up on how mobile devices affect productivity; and to delve deeper into the type of work-related content and media federal decision-makers are viewing on their devices outside of traditional business hours.

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Government Mobility PulsePoll 2016


  • How mobile devices are impacting productivity and work hours outside of traditional business hours
  • The types of devices most used by federal decision-makers
  • The top work-related content viewed on mobile devices
  • The top barriers to accessing work-related data on mobile devices