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Top Innovator: Boeing Reveals New Transonic Wing Design

January 29, 2019

While it may not be in our “wheel” (or in this case, “wing”) house, at Market Connections, we like to acknowledge innovative new technology and design across multiple fields. Which is why the announcement from Boeing definitely made the list of top innovations to be noted in 2019. Earlier this month, Boeing unveiled their Transonic Truss-Based Wing (TTBW), an extremely thin, folding wing, with a wingspan of 170 feet, made possible by a truss that supports its weight. This innovative design allows aircraft to fly more efficiently at higher altitudes. Partnering with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for nearly 10 ...
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Elevating Your Reach to Feds on Social Media Platforms:

January 22, 2019

Lessons from the Federal Media and Marketing Study Federal government employees are visiting social media sites more frequently than ever before. Across the board, social media use has increased, including upticks in the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. But the increases in all of these paled in comparison to the millennial darling Instagram-54% growth from 2017 to 2018! We’ll go into more on Instagram in a little bit… Personal mobile devices have blurred the lines between one’s work and personal lives, especially on social media. Even if work devices have certain social media sites blocked, personal devices, a 24/7 companion ...
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Government Shutdown: Support for Government Contractors Affected

January 14, 2019

We understand many of our clients may be feeling the business implications of the longest-ever partial federal government shutdown in American history. Now on day 24, we understand that concerns are heightening as companies try to figure out how to prepare and respond to this record-breaking shutdown. Federal contractors are essential in helping agencies meet their mission and deliver services to the American public. What is not often reported is that unlike government employees who have historically received back pay, those contractors who work with them daily side-by-side on critical public-sector projects do not receive compensation. With this shutdown nearing the 30-day ...
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Meet the Team: Research Director Dave Glantz Shares His Passion for Tibetan Culture & Art

January 9, 2019

At Market Connections, we have an amazing team of professionals, all with vast experience in their respective fields. However, what you may not know is that our team members also have some amazing personal stories and accomplishments that are also worthy of sharing! Dave Glantz, our Director of Research Services, conducts qualitative and quantitative research on a variety of topics including high tech product and service concepts, information assurance, cybersecurity, political issues and government policy, healthcare, education, and career and employment issues for Market Connections’ clients including government agencies, top contractors and Fortune 500 businesses. In addition to his expertise in research, ...
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Q&A: Federal Media & Marketing Study Co-founders Commemorate Ten Years of FMMS and Its Impact on Federal Marketers

December 20, 2018

Federal marketers understand that when it comes to their budgets, every dollar is a precious resource, and having a strong strategy in place is essential. With that in mind, ten years ago, Market Connections and Sara Leiman launched the annual Federal Media and Marketing Study (FMMS) to help federal marketers hone in and perfect their campaigns using solid third-party research. The first (and still only) of its kind, the survey garners responses from more than 3,000 decision makers inside and outside the beltway, to understand their media consumption habits for print, digital, broadcast and social platforms. After ten years, the federal media study continues to ...
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Federal Audiences Rank Among Top Digital Sites

December 11, 2018

In the past, we have shared some interesting insights from our Federal Media & Marketing Study. We highlighted how federal employees respond to targeted advertising across websites and social media sites visited for personal reasons. We also discussed the confidence levels they have in the news reported from different sources. But year after year, what our audience wants to know is which digital sites are feds actually visiting? Leading the list of top federal and congressional sites is, with over one third (37 percent) of federal decision makers and influencers listing it as a site they visit. Rounding the top ...
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Where Should You Leverage Your Federal Advertising Dollars?

November 20, 2018

As federal marketers, we sometimes forget that our audience are not just federal decision makers and influencers, but regular people who watch the same TV shows, visit the same social media sites, visit the same websites and have the same media habits as the rest of us. Feds are people too! With that in mind, the 10th annual release of the Federal Media & Marketing Study wanted to ask about their habits when it came to how they responded to advertising… and more importantly work-related advertising. To our surprise, and the relief of many, at least six out of ten respondents ...
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Do Federal Workers Believe What They Read, Hear or Watch?

October 18, 2018

Variations of Confidence in News Reported by Media: A Federal Media & Marketing Study Preview   The federal workforce may be as polarized in their views of the media as the general population. Last year, the Federal Media & Marketing Study asked federal workers how they felt about “fake news.” Two-thirds said recent commentary about “fake news” had at least some impact on their perceptions of news organizations’ credibility. This year Market Connections wanted to dig a little deeper. Thinking there might be some halo effect that the media source has on the advertisers, we wanted to understand how confident decision makers felt on ...
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Are You a Leader or Follower in the Federal Market? Winners Differentiate Themselves from the Pack

October 4, 2018

At last week’s Market Chat Live! event by Government Marketing University, Connie Sayers, President of Government Executive Media Group provided some keen insights and best practices around account-based marketing in the public-sector market. One recommendation around ABM: in order to differentiate yourself from other contractors, create key messaging geared to specific agencies you are targeting. In a crowded federal IT market, Sayers shared that as many as 52 government contractors distinguish themselves as specialists in digital transformation! In this example, with so many contractors all focused on one topic area, how does one contractor set themselves apart from the rest? As ...
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SAIC Announces Acquisition of Engility:

September 25, 2018

Creating the Second Largest Independent Technology Integrator in Government Services   On Monday, September 10, Science Applications International Corp. and Engility Holdings Inc announced their agreement of SAIC’s acquisition of Engility in an all-stock transaction valued at $2.5 billion, creating the second largest independent technology integrator in government. The combined company will retain the SAIC name and continue to be headquartered in Reston, Virginia. For those of us in the industry, another merger of two large companies to form a mega-contractor has become common practice to remain competitive in this difficult public-sector market. Just earlier this summer, we reported on Northrop Grumman’s acquisition ...
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