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Cisco 2019 World's Best WorkplaceCongratulations to our friends at Cisco for topping the list of Great Place to Work’s annual study: 25 of the World’s Best Workplaces.

According to Great Place to Work, how employees view their workspace is the key to understanding what the workplace is like. “Employees around the world all want the same thing in a workplace: Trust. They define a great workplace as one where leaders demonstrate credibility, respect and fairness.” Those companies who make this a priority reap the benefits of employees having a great experience. These include increased loyalty and retention, higher productivity and a greater cooperative spirit.

What do Cisco employees say about their workplace? Ninety-three percent rate it a great place to work, 98% rate it a physically safe place to work, 97% feel they are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation, 96% regardless of their race, 96% feel they are able to take time off of work when they think it’s necessary and 95% are proud to tell others they work at Cisco.

Fortune magazine further adds that Cisco’s culture of giving back has unified their employees and solidified their culture of trust.

How Can Your Company Improve Your Standing?

Making sure your employees are satisfied and have purpose creates loyalty and desire to go the extra mile, increasing productivity and retention. These two factors affect how they engage with customers and clients; and, in turn, improve a company’s overall bottom line. Happy employees lead to meeting and exceeding your organization’s business goals.

Do you have an accurate idea of how your employees feel about their workplace environment? Smart companies understand that to be successful in the market, you not only have to ensure your customers are satisfied, but also ensure your employees are performing at their best. How do you inspire your employees to give it their all if you don’t know what they really need?

However, how can you get a true read? Some employees may not be comfortable telling their employers the whole truth about how they feel about the workplace. To get an accurate understanding of how they feel, top firms seek the support of third-party firms who can get “real answers” from employees. An independent employee satisfaction study provides insights on areas for improvement and highlights where companies are doing well. It can help course-correct in certain areas or ensure areas of success are well-maintained or grown.

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Interested in conducting an employee satisfaction study? Contact us to learn how Market Connections can support your needs.

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