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LoopNet and Google Release Commercial Real Estate Study Focused on Identifying Trends in Tenant and Investor Online Search Behavior

May 17, 2023

More than 8 in 10 tenants and investors report they are likely to conduct their own independent online research for Commercial Real Estate. WASHINGTON –(BUSINESS WIRE)– May 17, 2023 — Today, LoopNet, a CoStar Group (NASDAQ: CSGP) company, issued the latest installment in a multi-year research effort providing insights into the commercial real estate search behavior of commercial property tenants and investors. The research was led by Market Connections, a third-party research company commissioned by LoopNet and in partnership with Google. The study polled 400 tenants and investors to determine what sources they use to search for commercial real estate and the role…

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Information is Key Throughout the Federal Buyer Journey

June 15, 2022

Market Connections released the Federal IT (FIT) Buyer Journey at Government Marketing University’s GAIN 2022 event last week. The main takeaway for federal marketers, sales and solutions teams looking to influence their customers throughout the journey is to inform, inform, inform. While different stakeholders come in and out throughout the entire journey from beginning (or needs identification stage) through end (vendor selection), the need remains the same. From the CIO through the end-user, all major stakeholders in the federal buyer journey need information to help educate them about your products and solutions in order to build trust. The question is,…

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Does the Buyer’s Journey Really Matter in B2G Marketing?

May 10, 2022

By Susan Rose, Senior Director, Insights & Content I’ve been creating research-based thought leadership for the public sector for almost 20 years. Yet until fairly recently, it was unusual to connect each asset to the buyer’s journey. Or rather, unusual to actively talk about the buyer’s journey. Over the years, nearly 100% of the assets I’ve created have been targeted to users who are just becoming aware of a problem. That makes sense because that is a sweet spot in the buyer’s journey where businesses can have an impact on creating solutions. Isn’t that enough? The short answer is no.…

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How to Build Trust with Federal Prospects Who Don’t Know You

April 14, 2022

By Susan Rose, Senior Director, Content & Insights, GovExec Trust. It’s a word nearly everyone uses when talking about marketing and selling, especially in the federal market. For good reason: trust is everything. You can have the best product or service in the industry, but if federal prospects don’t trust you, they won’t buy it. The best way to build trust is with face-to-face interactions. But to have those, you must get in the door and why would someone invite you in if they don’t trust you yet? What can you do? If you look at social media or do…

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Federal Events: Are We Finally Ready for Face-to-face?

March 3, 2022

COVID-19 upended the way we do business, including in-person events. For over two years now, government contractors have wondered when and how federal events will get back to “normal”— shaking hands; networking; and seeing clients, vendors and colleagues face-to-face. In the past year, attempts to have in-person events have happened in fits and starts. Surges in COVID cases and new variants partnered with government policies regarding event requirements all but pushed us completely back to virtual. But federal employees are ready to get back to “normal.” Market Connections teamed with Government Marketing University to survey federal employees on their feelings…

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Should You Worry About Federal Workforce Changes?

February 10, 2022

Your contact in the Army lets you know that they will be retiring in the next month. What does this mean for any future work you were hoping to get? Do you have a strong relationship with their incumbent, and do they understand the benefits of what your company offers? What about your contact? Are they retiring for good, going into business for themselves or looking to continue their career in the private sector? If the latter, should you be concerned about them going to a competitor? These are all valuable questions you should always ask yourself as you build…

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VIDEO: How Agencies Can Maximize Data from the Federal Media & Marketing Study

December 9, 2021

Sara Leiman of TMP Government Shares Insights in Video Discussion Executive Vice President Aaron Heffron and TMP Government Vice President and Media Director Sara Leiman joined together to discuss key takeaways from the 2021 Federal Media & Marketing Study. (Synopsis available below the video.)  In her role as a media buyer, Sara provides tactical advice year after year on how she leverages the information and uses data from the study to inform her government contracting clients on where to best invest their media spend. In this discussion with Aaron, Sara provides key observations around media usage and how she…

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With Two-Thirds of Federal Employees Foreseeing Working Remotely in the Future, Marketers Should Consider Diversified Channels, According to Annual Market Connections Study

November 1, 2021

Market Connections, Inc. Releases 2021 Federal Media & Marketing Study Determining Best Practices in Media Purchasing and Marketing Practices for Reaching Federal Employees Fairfax, VA, October 21, 2021—Remote work for federal employees will not be going away any time soon, according to Market Connections’ 2021 Federal Media & Marketing Study. Subsequently, the media habits of these workers will continue to evolve. Two thirds (67 percent) of federal employees stated they will likely continue working remotely at least part-time in the future, with one-quarter (26 percent) saying they plan to work remotely full-time. The future will not necessarily be as it…

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Federal IT Contractors: Your Help Made Federal Telework Possible

May 14, 2020

But There Is Still Work to Be Done Over the past 5+ years, Market Connections has surveyed and interviewed thousands of federal employees about agency challenges and needs that could be addressed through IT modernization. It is heartening to see that all the technology and work performed by federal IT contractors over the past half-decade has paid off at a critical time during which the need for federal telework has escalated. This was further confirmed in a recent article from WorkScoop, which highlighted key insights into how federal agencies were prepared for and responded to necessary telework activity during COVID-19.…

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In Times of Need: How the Tech Industry Can Reach Educational Markets to Support

May 6, 2020

Distance learning involves so much more than making sure your child submits their homework on time. The role of technology in education has accelerated to a level many weren’t expecting for another 3-5 years, leaving some behind. Millions of students are without sufficient access to the online tools they need (Read this article from edscoop) and even the largest and wealthiest school districts are struggling to roll out the tools teachers and students need for continuity (Check out this article from WUSA9). There are significant opportunities for the technology community to step in and help. The level of technical expertise…

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