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Top 2 Benefits of Partnering with a Third-Party Research Firm

 On the surface, an in-house DIY research effort may seem appealing and potentially more cost-effective than working with a market research firm. However, before your team decides to conduct a lengthy time (and resource) consuming research project, consider the benefits of using a third-party research firm instead.

The Internet of Things and the Battlefield of Tomorrow

by David Hutchins – Industry Analyst (Government Business Council) The Department of Defense (DoD) is consistently adapting to compete with and deter potential adversaries as advancements in technology continue to change the nature of warfare. As the capabilities of potential adversaries become more sophisticated and the U.S. military seeks to maintain its technological advantage on…

Contracting Spotlight: VA Seeks Comment on Draft Solicitation for $60.7 Billion T4NG2 Support Contract Vehicle

By Jonathan Sanders, Director, Research, GovExec In early January 2023, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) issued a draft RFP for the Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation (T4NG2) contract. The T4NG2 represents a potential $60.7 billion contract vehicle for information technology products and services.  Since its inception in 2016, the T4NG vehicle has seen…

Does your content have a shelf life?

By Susan Rose, Senior Director of Insights & Content Now that we’re in Q1, content strategies are a big component of planning out the work my team is doing. I noticed that one of the key pieces of a content strategy that I don’t typically see in the plan is how long the various pieces…

Contracting Spotlight: Alliant 3 Draft RFP Officially Closed

By Jonathan Sanders, Director, Research, GovExec In October 2022, the General Services Administration (GSA) issued a draft RFP for Alliant 3, their latest governmentwide acquisition contract (GWAC) that aims to provide Federal Government agencies with integrated IT solutions services for evolving needs on a global basis. “GWACs serve as a springboard for small businesses to…

The Puzzle of Broadband

by Emily Wolfteich – Industry Analyst (Government Business Council) Is the revolution here yet? Flying among the dozens of buzzwords that make up government-speak is one that has a particularly deep resonance for state and local leaders – broadband.  The technical definition of broadband can be a little up for debate – the FCC is…

Qualitative Research: In-Depth Interviews or Focus Groups? Which Method is Best for Your Needs?

Qualitative research is ideally suited to gain a deeper understanding of the opinions, motivations, frustrations, and priorities of your target audience. There are numerous ways to achieve this level of understanding, primarily through focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs). Both methods can be highly effective at uncovering and unlocking valuable insights.

2022 National Defense Strategy: Implications for the Defense Industry

By David Hutchins, Industry Analyst On October 27, 2022, the Department of Defense (DoD) publicly released the latest National Defense Strategy (NDS). Released every four years, the NDS is subsequent to the President’s National Security Strategy and sets the DoD’s strategic direction and priorities for the next four years. The NDS serves as an important…

Contracting Spotlight: The Navy is breaking up price contracts to increase small business participation

In FY 2022, nearly $18.4 billion of the U.S. Navy’s prime contract awards went to small businesses— $1.4 billion (8.2%) increase from $17 billion last year. There is opportunity for small businesses in the Navy in the coming months. Now is the time to prepare your small business to win these contracts. Read more to find out how we can help.

The Evolution of News Consumption and Why It Matters to Marketers

In the last few years the way we seek and receive news has been changing and evolving faster than ever. Between the COVID-19 pandemic more or less forcing many companies to adapt to work from home trends, team collaboration needs, and an industry wide push toward cloud, things are getting more digital by the day.